Eminem/Linkin Park/DJ P@F - Dreams on Shady Park

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by MKH, Oct 30, 2010.

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    I just came across this mash-up album an hour ago and just had my listen at it.

    1. My Name Is & Hit The Floor
    2. The Real Slim Shady & Enth E Nd
    3. Shit On You & Crazy In Love & Point Of Authority (With Beyonce)
    4. Fight Music & Lying From You (Live)
    5. Pretty Waiting (skit)
    6. Pretty Waiting & Lying From You
    7. No Apologies & Frgt 10
    8. A 06 (Skit)
    9. Any Man & In The End (Fucking Crazy) (Paul)
    10.Forgot About Dre & Place For My Head
    11.Welcome To Detroit & High Voltage
    12.Announcement Service Public (Skit)
    13.Hustlers Ambition & One Step Closer (Special Shady Park Version) (Bonus Track)
    14.Numb (Piano Vocal Version) (Bonus Track)

    My review:

    1. My Name Is & Hit The Floor: Sounds a little off, but bearable
    2. The Real Slim Shady & Enth E Nd: Perfect, love it
    3. Shit On You & Crazy In Love & POA: Crap, real crap
    4. Fight Music & LFY: Slick intro, cool mixing on heaving up guitars and flanger-ing Mike, Mike/Eminem transitions are a little rough but it works, added guitar parts are smooth
    5. Pretty Waiting: No LP but cool
    6. Pretty Waiting & LFY: This dude clearly knows how to mix any rap verse over the LFY instrumental, chorus isn't ever used, no Chester/Mike
    7. No Apologies & FRGT 10: Mike's first verse over the instrumental is beautiful, Chali 2NA comes in still good, just their parts over the instrumental good mix
    8. A.06: A phone call over A.06…
    9. Any Man & In The End: Bad mix - music overpowers vocals and sounds slightly off beat…not the best track
    10. Forgot About Dre & A Place For My Head: Love it, sounds like "DJ P@F" takes the first verse, when Eminem comes in and rips the song apart with the perfect rhythm on top of APFMH
    11. Welcome To Detroit & High Voltage: Best.Track.Ever. Mike should rap over beats like this more often
    12. Announcement Service Public: A PSA over ASP…lol
    13. Hustlers Ambition & OSC: uses Reanimation OSC and has the shittiest Bridge ever - Chester's shut up being echoed back by a monotone "Fuck you" from someone…
    14. Numb: Just someone playing Numb on piano and then mixing a partial acapella over it - out of tune from the piano

    B- average. Mixes are done well, but it really just sounds like someone's first time messing with a DAW.

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