Eminem, KJ-52, and TRL

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    On May 15th, 2003, KJ-52's video for "Dear Slim" was shown on TRL. Now, they only showed it up to the end of the first verse where they cut it off. The hosts then proceded to accuse KJ of dissing Eminem, which wasn't really KJ's intent when he wrote the song. This probably all could have been avoided if the producers were smart enough to show the whole video.

    A few days ago, KJ posted about the controversy surrounding "Dear Slim" on his website. This is what he had to say (This is a long entry. Sit tight):

    KJ-52 will hope to further explain himself in a song called "Dear Slim Pt. 2," which will be on his upcoming release, "It's Pronounced FiveTwo," dropping on Sept. 9th.

    You can also check out his rapcore side-project, Peace of Mind. You can find their first single, "I Am" on mp3.com. Their self-titled debut album is already in stores.

    KJ-52 is also featured on a track called "Stay Up," which appears on Pillar's June 10th release, "Fireproof."

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