Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

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    CD One: About 53:00

    1. The Glass Prison - 9/10 - The longest single track on the album at just under 14 minutes. This is the heaviest thing that the band has ever done. The vocal sections in it became a bit boring but it was all made up by the bass riff that lead to some cool guitar/keyboard solos!

    2. Blind Faith - 10/10 - Probably my favourite track on Disc One. Starts off soft with delicate guitar work, simulated strings, and some really intricate bass work, but then it gets louder after the chorus. John Petrucci probably had one of his best solos on the album in this song!

    3. Misunderstood - 8.5/10 - Starts off with an acoustic melody, then all of the sudden it goes New Age-like, with really experimental drumming and keyboards. It eventually leads to a powerful chorus that would be appropriate on an alternative rock band's song. All the guitar effects at the end ruined the song for me though.

    4. The Great Debate - 9/10 - Starts with some soundbytes on stem cell research, then goes into a section that sounds awfully like Tool's Forty-Six & 2, as will some other parts of the song. Some great drumming here. And not to mention some of DT's best lyrics on the moral harm of doing research.

    5. Disappear - 8.5/10 - A piece with a wierd piano intro. This song is all acoustic guitars, with a lot of keyboard stuff too. A really mellow song that isn't too catchy but sure is original and interesting.

    CD Two (the Self-titled track): 42:08

    1. Overture - 7/10 - I think they overdid it with an orchestrated seven min. overture! Many parts were repeated and it could have been shorter. Basically summed up the key parts of the next 7 tracks.

    2. About to Crash - 9/10 - This movement is really upbeat and catchy with that trademark DT positivity! Some good soloing here from John, although the lyrics kind of let the song down.

    3. War Inside My Head - 9.5/10 - A short but violent song, with James LaBrie shouting: 'Napalm showers showed those cowards/We weren't there to mess around'. A really cool song.

    4. The Test That Stumped Them All - 10/10 - The best track on the album! A lightning fast guitar/bass riff leads into more riffage. Apparently inspired by Pantera, this song is heavy and aggressive. Some really good lyrics here too. The solos are great! Rudess has his best solo of the album, but the ending blows everything else away! Bassist Myung and John Petrucci fly up the scale so fast at the end you can't even tell how many notes there are!

    5. Goodnight Kiss - 9.5/10 - The albums 'ballad'. A minute of soundbytes leads to dramatic crooning by LaBrie. After the lyrics are done with, John takes the reins after his solo. He takes the lead part all the way to the start of track 6. Amazing work! Shows that he's the King at ballad soloing!

    6. Solitary Shell - 10/10 - The guitars are again acoustic for the first part of the song. This song sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel. A really catchy chorus on this one helps the song become one of the best on the album. Again amazing instrumental work!

    7. About to Crash (Reprise) - 10/10 - Just check out the basslines on the opening riff! Nice! A bit more aggressive than the first AtC. It kind of sums up all the tracks at the end before leading to the Finale.

    8. Losing Time/Grand Finale - 9/10 - A slow and dramatic song marking the end of the album! This short song sums up with a long final note.

    Final Grade - 9.2/10
    - Some great music but so much soloing the songs tended to lack focus sometimes on the first disc. Otherwise its amazing!

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