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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by MaDd BoKo 03, Sep 4, 2003.

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    I dunno if any of you have heard this song or not...but let me tell you, i haven't cried in a good 5 years, and this song made me so much..its so sad...its a remix of the original Heaven song, with a little girl talking to her dad that died in 9/11...threwout hte whole song the girl says...

    "its been a year daddy, i really really misss you, mommy says your safe now, in a beautiful place called heaven....we had your favorite dinner tonight, i ate it all up, even though i dont like carrots...i learned how to swim this summer, i can even open my eyes when im under water, can you see me?...i started kindergarten this year, i carry a picture of us in my blue's clues lunch box, you are the greatest daddy, i can swing on the swing by myself, even tho i miss you pushing me, can you see me, i miss how you used to tickle me, tickle my belly, my belly hurts, i try not to cry, mommy says its ok, i know you dont like it when i cry, never want me to be sad, i try daddy but it hurts, to know that your not coming home, maybe someday...i can visit you in heaven ok, its time for me to go bed now, i sleep with the light on just incase you come home and kiss me goodnight, i love you so much, i miss you daddy..."

    Ok, this girl is like 4..and it tears me up jsut listening to it..i say you downlaod it

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