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    Hello everyone!

    I'm super new here, never used forums I don't even know if they are still a thing. Been a fan for a long time tho. Personally, Chaz and Linkin Park "got me through" some tough times in life, struggled with depression, anxiety, bullying, suicidal thoughts (and attempts)... They put me back on track which I'll be infinitely thankful for. I am now on University doing an events management course, as music means a lot to me and as I can't play any instruments, nor I can sing, I wanted to do concerts. I am writing my final year dissertation. The title is "How does the relationship between musical bands and their fanbase influence/impact the long term sustainability and success of their concerts. A study using examples of Linkin Park/ Chester Bennington"

    So the main idea is for me to showcase that If the artist cares about your well being and creates a relationship between the fanbase and the band which is more than a fan-idol relationship, People will be loyal, and others will join more easily.

    What I wanted to ask you guys, if you could please help me out with any personal experiences with them live (as I cannot use my own personal experiences), what their music means to you, your thoughts on the title (you can even debunk it), any websites, stats of attendance or anything that could help me out (I'm looking too but can't seem to find much.. Mostly lacking stats). Anything is relevant and appreciated.

    Thank you in advance! xx
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    Obvs v subjective, but LP's music got me into music listening and rejuvenated my love for playing instruments. m

    I would recommend you develop the thesis if you haven't already and develop a survey, less vague and slightly less open-ended because I think what you're asking here is a bit too broad

    If you need more responses, you could maybe try r/linkinpark, which, for all it's problems, is far more active than LPA. :)
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