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    I've had 24 years to try to sort this out
    But I don't have the faintest to what it's all about
    No answers emerge from my spinning doubt
    But the questions still remain
    I must go through this again

    Stumble through life with this flat affect
    They keep giving me pills saying that would help
    Changing the combinations hoping to change myself
    But that someone that I knew
    He's always breaking through

    So it's taking all my motivation just to look motivated
    And it's getting frustrating to always feel so frustrated
    As my mind traces back to when we last congregated
    And to how alone I felt
    But these are the hands that we were dealt

    And even those moments shining so radiant
    That they slice right through the expected gradient
    With a joy so profound they call it brilliant
    The first thing I can do
    Is turn to share this with you
    To see no one to turn to

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