Delain: April Rain

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    Delain - April Rain
    Roadrunner Records

    file under Prog / Sympho metal

    Right from the first song, the first minute even, I recognized the band’s particular style and I was glad. They didn’t fall in that big pool of inter-exchangeable bands, they remained themselves. ‘April Rain’ starts off fiercely after a nice intro with pounding rhythms and strong melodies. In fact that goes for the whole album in general; graced with a full and bombastic sound, created by the four men and their leading lady Charlotte Wessels.

    Her voice sounds more convincing and direct, the freedom she had here as co-creator was embraced by her and that is easily audible. A nice variation from all the dramatic and operatic singers in the genre. Only two guests this time; Marko Hietala (Nightwish) was asked a second time and cellist Maria Ahn (Ahn Trio) was asked for her skills on the cello, adding a more contemporary atmosphere. Delain lives up to the promise of 2006, more than that. My favourite tracks for now; ‘April Rain’, ‘Virtue And Vice’ (with guitarist Ronald Landa as George Oosthoek sound-a-like, very well done!) and ‘Start Swimming’ (with Led Zeppelin influences). And now get back on that stage please!V

    Rating: 94/100

    Track Listing:

    1. April Rain
    2. Stay Forever
    3. Invidia
    4. Control The Storm
    5. On The Other Side
    6. Virtue And Vice
    7. Go Away
    8. Start Swimming
    9. Lost
    10. I'll Reach You
    11. Nothing Left
    12. Come Closer (Bonus track)

    This cd is so incredible, i got it a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post about it here. The entire cd is good, i love Charlotte's voice. Listen to this if you like female vocals. For fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation.
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