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    As a band, Dead By Sunrise has taken quite a while to make any sort of cohesive and rationale statement regarding the passing of our closest and most loved friend, partner, and bandmate, Chester.

    We were on tour when Chester left us - and when we got the news we literally had a meltdown like we have never experienced. Amir and I literally could not function. We turned into animals for a short period of time. We just couldn't BELIEVE that we could lose someone that was as close to us - and as SPECIAL - as Chester was. We both kept repeating "this can't be real, this can't be real".... But it is. And it was. And here we are now. With not just "our grief", but with an INCREDIBLE outpouring of LOVE from fans all over the world.

    I want to tell you ALL:

    WE CAN SEE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. WE SEE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES YOU HAVE TAKEN AND POSTED AND TAGGED US IN - in total and beautiful solidarity and love of Chester, his family, LP, and .... US. Wow.

    You guys ALL make us smile. Every kind post. Every loving smile. Every act of love and kindness.

    Thank you. SO MUCH.

    We are FOREVER grateful for you - the absolute BEST fans in the world. We are SO grateful that you care for our music. We are SO grateful that we had the incredible opportunity to be friends with and bandmates with Chester. We can't believe that we were able to create this beautiful body of work with this AMAZING human being. The BEST singer in the world. The best friend we could ever ask for.

    THANK YOU so much for your support my friends and fans. We love you more than we can express.

    We will continue to use this page and all Dead By Sunrise social sites to continue to honor Chester and the work we did together, we will keep you guys updated on what were doing and stay close, we will always look for ways to share unreleased music and more when we feel its right. Chester loved what we did together and we want to always make him proud - and we want to continue to share all of our world with you - the fans that make EVERYTHING possible.

    I can tell you with certainty, and from absolute personal knowledge: Chester loved you all, and he was very grateful that you supported what we consider to be a unique and very personal piece of Chesters artistic soul.

    With love,

    Ryan Shuck , Amir Derakh & Dead By Sunrise / Julien-K

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