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    hey all, i'm Dave, I used to be quite popular with my LP/FM remixes on the fmmb back in mid 2000's
    Since then, i've done nothing but try to improve my production skills, learn instruments, and write music.
    I'm pretty heavily influenced by Mike Shinoda, as well as Coldplay.

    Of course i'm like every online musician out to hunt for people to make my little play counter go up, woopdedoo.
    But no, what keeps me going is when people show they truly enjoy my music. Numbers don't mean anything.

    So since I originally came from the fantastic message boards of the LP community, I'd think this could be a good place to possibly get my music passed around.
    Its all instrumental, I can sing a little, I'm just weird with it. But please, take a listen, and I really hope you enjoy.


    more music at


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