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    Hey guys, I'm opening this thread just to show you guys a new band (a bit of free advertising :lol:). Its name is Darkhaus and in a part of their bio they describe themselves as "an Intercontinental Synth-Rock outfit consisting of five men from four representative countries (Scotland, US, Germany, Austria)". I decided to check them out because their lead guitarist Rupert Keplinger is/was actually the basist from one of my favorite bands, Eisbrecher. I really enjoyed what they had showed us in a video trailer on YouTube so I was really excited for the music.

    Darkhaus is:
    Kenny Hanlon - vocals | Rupert Keplinger - guitars, synth | Marshall Stephens - guitars
    Gary Meskil - bass | Paul Keller - drums

    Their debut album is titled "My Only Shelter" and it will hit stores on November 22, 2013. The lead single of the album is "Ghost" and below you can watch the music video:


    Just yesterday the guys decided to stream for a limited time the FULL album on SoundCloud!
    Click the album art to listen to the whole stream or go track-by-track by clicking the song titles below.


    1. Life Worth Living
    2. Grace Divine
    3. Ghost
    4. Break Down The Walls
    5. Our Time
    6. Don't Close Your Eyes
    7. Breaking the Silence
    8. Hour of Need
    9. Looks Like Rain
    10. Apostle
    11. Son of a Gun
    12. Drive
    13. Angelina
    14. Hurts like Hell
    15. Breaking The Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut)*
    16. Life Worth Living (Kinky J-Mix)

    I've listened to it start to finish a couple of times now and I think it's pretty solid, it has a lot of quality to it and it has some synth/electronic layers to give more depth to the music, it's more subtle than in Eisbrecher for example (influences clearly brought by Rupert), whose style has electronics up front with or without the guitars but still the music doesn't feel too raw. I think Kenny's voice fits the music very well and has a very nice tone in the harmonies. My favorites so far are the ones I had heard on the trailer, Grace Divine, Ghost, Our Time and Breaking the Silence, this latter track I think is amazing, I'm absolutely in love with the chorus, STRONGLY recommended. Of course I loved the Club Cut of Breaking the Silence, made by Noel Pix, founding member of Eisbrecher and the mastermind of the synths in the german band, you should check that one out as well.

    I hope you guys can check them out and with a bit of luck you'll like them :).. I know it's hard to find rock acts that make interesting music nowadays, but Darkhaus to me is definitely one to look after.


    Here the guys posted a Lyric Video of Breaking the Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut). Enjoy it!!


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