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    Today marks the one year anniversary of Black-Striped Prism releasing the debut album Convergence. If you haven't already heard it, here are links to each song in the order they are on the album. P.S the lyrics are in the description of every video. This album is a story being told chapter by chapter. There is no profanity in any of these songs, just powerful lyrics partnered by experimental, yet unique instrumentation.

    Ahead of the Rest: A rap oriented song introducing the purpose of the artist, and declaring the difference between them and other artists. This song reveals that the artist can no longer be restrained, and is ready to expose their hidden talents. Fort Minor fans might possibly relate this song as a darker version of "Remember The Name".

    Where Are You: A rock oriented song with distinct lyrics that tell a story of someone missing a very important part of themselves that can only be found when they find their perfect partner. Without that partner, they feel alone, lost, angry, and a whole well full of melancholy emotions. This song has a very powerful and unexpected ending.

    Eclipsed Moon: The second song on the album that sets itself apart from the rest of the tracks. This song is an electronic ballad with a story of a person having someone in their life, but not having them simultaneously. Although they know they're perfect for each other, they are opposites, and so they watch in the shadow of a Sun who obtains the attention of everything around it, but never notices the Moon it has Eclipsed.

    Good Enough: Another rock oriented song sided with an electronic sound. This song contains the heaviest and one of the most diverse choruses on the album, letting all listeners know that the artist is talented is many surprising areas. The story of this song tells the tale of a person who is mistreated, and seems to be unappreciated by a certain someone to the point where they need to vent out all of their anger into this song.

    The Seasons Of Change: After a heavy and upbeat rock song, this song slows down the album to tell the story of someone who had it all, then lost it all. With a soft sound accompanied by regret-filled vocals, this song would hit home with anyone whose loved and lost and misses the significant other that is no longer a part of their life. The outro to this song lets the listener amplify their sorrow as they think about their past in their mind while the instrumentation plays without vocals.

    In My Position: A dark classical oriented song with an unexpected, yet subtle bridge that could have very well been a part of a whole other song. This song focuses on sadness as it centers around someone at their lowest point with no one who understands them, and no one willing to try to either. Those who feel alone and unwelcome in the world can relate to these lyrics very well.

    A Reflection Of Myself: A unique intro doesn't set the stage for this song as it flows into a hip-hop instrumentation completely separate in sound from the intro. This song is a story of someone seeing their self in another person and offering to be that person's guide so they don't make the same mistakes they've made. Parents and children might be able to connect with this song the most, or people who have wanted to help others better themselves.

    Dead Within: This song separates itself from the rest of the album, indefinitely. The song contains much darker lyrics than the rest of the album with an instrumentation that fits the scenario. This song is a must listen to for those that appreciate lyrics that expose the hidden truth that most artists are afraid to reveal, and like all songs on the album, the lyrics are based on a true story. There are millions of people in the world whose lives are told through this song.

    Unspoken Truth: After a dark song, this song is a little more upbeat as the artist vents some rage. This song is split in half, instrumentally. The first half combines classical, electronic, and a slight rock element, while the second half explodes into a more rock oriented instrumental backed with the classical and electronic elements that carried the first half of the song. If you're under-appreciated, taken advantage of, or just fed up with certain people, this song is for you.

    Rejected From Society: Hello outcasts, someone out there understands you, and it is Black-Striped Prism. This song is for the outcasts, the rejects, the people at the bottom of the social chain. If you're alone, and continually treated unfairly just because you're you, the lyrics will connect with you very well. This is a slow song with a chorus that tries to replicate what it would sound like if several outcasts gathered together and sung about their place in the world. When the bridge hits, the song picks up into a more rock sounding song.

    Evolution: This song stops the main story arc of the main as the character reflects on the world. After their long journey they reflect on everything being a cycle, and that nothing truly had changed. This song shows some education is present in the artist as they give people insight on the world. This song uses many classical instruments to create a dark, yet energetic song that could be placed in the "rap genre".

    My Light: The album closer that showcases the three primary types of vocals that were present throughout the album, but this time, presented in a more positive and upbeat way. This song sets itself a part from the rest of the album lyrically, and instrumentally. It can be described by some as the most upbeat song on the album, with the most uplifting lyrics after an adventure of loneliness, lost loved, exile, and more. This song breaks into high energy instrumentation with an array of vocals. To get the most out of this song, definitely listen to this song with headphones, especially the last half where the song breaks into a different beat. For those who like Skillet's uplifting lyrics, Three Days Grace's way of ending an album on a positive note, and the way Linkin Park ended "The Little Things Give You Away", this is a song you will like for sure.

    P.P.S: Black-Striped Prism is still working on the second album, which WILL sound better than the first album without a doubt. It will showcase the best Black-Striped Prism is capable of vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically at this point in life.

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