Music Confetti Parade - As Above, So Below [ATS remix album / free download]

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    minuteforce Danny's not here, Mrs. Torrance. LPA Team

    Oct 31, 2004
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    Elaine The One They Call Elaine. LPA VIP

    Feb 21, 2012
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    Great job guys. Solid work all around
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    Jesse Out of the abyss. LPA Über VIP

    Apr 27, 2007
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    Make a streaming option.
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    Modern Guitar God

    Modern Guitar God Nets 2021 LPA Super VIP

    Jun 7, 2014
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    Awesome production and a lot of imagination and creativity when it comes to these remixes.

    My favorites are "EVP / Wrath" and "Rage Virus". They're how I actually imagined ATS to sound before it came out :lol:
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    Dekar swimmingsmoke LPA VIP

    Apr 9, 2012
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    I want it, I need it, need it—D:

    Just finished "Reanimator", wow, that was unexpected! Excited to listen to the whole thing with a bit more volume in the next few days.
    Thanks so much, guys, for the possibility to enjoy ATS w/ your remix talent in another form.
    Also, lovely cover. :pacman:
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    Deliveranze Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2016
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    LP would kill to have album art like that cover.
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    Decay Well-Known Member

    Jun 27, 2011
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    Oh wow, thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed the other visuals in the booklet as well.

    Glad to see everyone's enjoying our album so much, thank you for the nice feedback!
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    minuteforce Danny's not here, Mrs. Torrance. LPA Team

    Oct 31, 2004
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    Oct 21, 2011
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    I feel like I would like to leave some feedback to you guys
    So here it goes:

    The Songs:

    1) Safe Haven
    When The Vocals hit, I always have kind of a Picture of where the sound goes. Though then the first Bass-Note appears and i was kinda thrown of positively - gives this whole intro a very chromatic feel. I enjoyed this a lot, especially when the more "constant" basslines show up and the whole track starts to get really distorted. Reminds me of the structure of "Wisdom, Justice and Love" somehow. Great job! Kinda sad it was so short haha.

    2) Inevitable
    Since I know, you have been making music for quite a while now, i was very excited to see to finally hear some new stuff.
    The dark-type beat under the slowed and pitched down vocals make this whole track already so badass by itself. I can not really tell which effect you've been using on Mikes Vocals. Sounds like formant shifting? (Correct me if i am wrong!)
    01:23 - the beat shift is SO DAMN SICK, and ive been probably repeating this part like 5 times to fully embrace it. The pad in the background make me feel very intense, and also this whole track brings me in some kind of "flow-state" in which i can focus perfectly fine. I am happy to say that i havent heard this much creativity already in these 2 first songs for a WHILE already in nowadays music. So proud of you.

    3) Lockdown Dreams
    The vocals in the beginning break this whole track down into some kind of ambient intro, i didn't know how the song is going to turn but while listening i knew that this feels very uplifting.
    At 00:42 the upbeat hits and somehow i was kinda surprised you chose to go with this beat instead of something slower. It took me a bit but i started to enjoy this rhythm a lot at last. The plucky / bell kinda sounds in the back tho keep the uplifting vibe, underlining the whole bass-melody / chord. The breakdown after the chorus is actually really intense and you WANT the song to keep going, which is a funny effect in my opinion. It makes you think "just keep playing, i like this".
    Are those reverbed vocals in the background? I realized them after listening for the 2nd time.
    When the vocals started to be bitcrushed - glitched and then the new breakbeat hit, probably my favorite part of the song. Lovely touch to repeat chesters verses here.
    The whole track gives me celestial vibes. Maybe its because im looking at the artwork for like an hour already while listening Hah.

    4) Reanimator
    Good Morning Stranger Things / CyberPunk. Thats what i had in mind the moment i opened the song.
    Im happy you chose Robot Boy in this one - it FITS perfectly. Its very quiet at the very start but holy crap the bass kick hits HARD, and then the slow "arpeggio" synth is so damn cool. The freaking crazy distortion is something i really enjoy - i must say, the balance is perfect here. Again - the breakbeat / breakdown at the 2-minute mark is something that i remember you doing a few times in the past too - and the sound itself in combination marks your signature sound quite perfectly.
    I must say, i can see this song in movies as some kind of revelation-sound, if a main protagonist suddenly started to have a change of mind and gets a very badass scene. Hard to describe, i hope you know what i meant.

    5) Rage Virus
    Its crazy,the sound and cracking vibe reminded me immediately of Blackout, and what do i get? Blackout. I want to say that this is a compliment that you achieved a very unique sound yet pay tribute to a sound of a song thats not even yours. Amazing.
    The moving bass gets me everytime here. The synth behind chesters scream sound like screams and i wonder if you took it as a sample and turned it into a synth? At least thats how it sounds, somehow creepy, in a good way.
    When mikes part comes up, i think this has been my favorite part of the song - and the melody change / note change after the super long G# (iirc) turns the song very melodic even tho it has been very harsh at first. I enjoyed this one a lot.
    PS: Crazy effects on mikes voice.
    Additional Statement: The kicks at the end and the bass made my neighbours probably scream.

    6) EVP / Wrath
    I wonder why this has 2 different titles. Am I in the right here when i assume its an intro+song, like Tinfoil > Powerless?
    Nevertheless, i was vibing so hard after the intro by this sick beat, Mikes Vocals fit in so well here. I love the lack of the bass here in the beginning of the verse, so when it finally hit - it hits even harder.
    Nice structure of the drums in general. I LOVE the percussions in this one actually. I was a little nervous when you didnt include the chorus at the beginning, but then after the second verse, when the build up starts - i love the high screeches and then finally
    chester sings and the whole track gets perfectly resolved. The outro lets me bounce on my chair, and i wanted to put my hand up real high :v

    7) In Vain
    I was actually hoping for something very melancholic yet more on the happy side, and then this melody comes in - and i already started smiling.
    Choosing Iridescent matched incredibly well and i think im gonna repeat this one for quite a while. I think the chords make this whole thing so... hopeful and it somewhat makes you look forward.
    I have been in therapy for quite a while now and actually music like this helped me a lot to get through stuff. I wish i had heard this one much much earlier hah.
    The pitch / formant shifted vocals here make this song feel super extraterrestrial, cant wait to show this whole pack of songs to my friends.
    That being said, the colors of the art match this song 200%. The end bass-notes leading the song to finish leaves me in a very satisfied mood. Thank you!

    8) Staring Up Into The Lights
    VERY distorted feel right from the start. Super gritty and it actually matches the music video of the original Burn It Down really well! At 01:20 some tiny break started playing but yet it was very continous with the song - loved it.
    Arriving at the half-mark, you guys included a super weird and amazing pitch-bend on chesters vocals, that was super sick. Choir-like sounds at the 2/3-mark of the song which lead into the short solo part of mike, i wanted to scream "Let Me Goooo" but its 4am in the morning, so i guess i can not do that. Did you include a chorus-effect + vocoder on mikes vocals? It sounds hes not alone singing and man it sounds so F*CKING GOOD!
    Chester coming in here and there to put the cherry on top, and the building claps make me feel ready for the last song on this amazing compilation of songs ~
    this was an amazing ride.

    9) Apparition
    The wind-sound here is an amazing touch to build into Burning In The Skies ~
    Again your signature gritty sound on top of mikes vocals, i was already getting myself ready for this. Chester starts singing, bell / plucks start playing in a very beautiful rhythm ~ when mike gets back into verse 2.
    Your "celestial-synths" push back in, no bass - just ambience. Suddenly it hits you - a clear vocal of chester and a very clean bassnote that hits you right in the chest, which nice static sounds in the background that are just earcandy.
    Singing along, feeling like i know the song but i dont. The halfbeat starts playing ~ fits so well. When chester stops singing, youre left with - as said before - snare sounds and static frequencies...
    and then....
    The piano part.
    It made me feel very melancholic, wanting for more - the short piece was so gorgeous. Well done.
    Well - f*cking - done.


    The statement:

    I must say, i was very excited to hear new music from you. It has been a while and i was already amazed of what you // @minuteforce & @Decay // were able to produce solo and together a whiiiile ago.
    In a way, im heavily jealous. Hah. You guys have improved like crazy and i am definitely showing this around.
    I love the art, i keep looking at it since these are like - my favorite colors. Very cold at first, turning somewhat into something very hot and gritty. I love the glitch vibe.
    For me personally this has been a perfect way to relive A Thousand Suns. I will repeat this pack for a while now.
    You have done really well and i hope to see more from you in future. I can't wait.


    The Rating:

    Safe Haven //// 9 / 10
    Inevitable //// 8 / 10 (First Half) - 9.5 / 10 (Second Half)
    Lockdown Dreams //// 7.5 / 10
    Reanimator //// 8.5 / 10
    Rage Virus //// 8 / 10
    EVP / Wrath //// 9 / 10 (Intro) - 8.5 / 10 (Song)
    In Vain //// 10 / 10
    Staring Up Into The Lights //// 8.5 / 10
    Apparition //// 10 / 10

    The Album: 9/10
    (Personal Opinion)

    I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes or grammar problems
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    minuteforce Danny's not here, Mrs. Torrance. LPA Team

    Oct 31, 2004
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    "EVP" is the 50-second segment at the beginning of the track.
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    Dorothy Perks

    Dorothy Perks Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2017
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    Really? Cool to hear

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