Check out "Noon" from my upcoming instrumental album "Melancholy Sky"

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    Hey guys, I have just done and released a song called 'Noon' from from my first instrumental album "Melancholy Sky".
    'Noon' is written and produced by me.
    This is the 2st song of the 12-track self-produced album.
    'Melancholy Sky' is composed of 12 songs:
    1. Sakura
    2. Noon
    3. Temptation
    4. Yearn For A Glimpse Of You
    5. Asteroid
    6. Just A Moment
    7. Six Thousand Miles From Home
    8. Bursting Lights
    9. Translucence
    10. I Don't Mind The Downpour
    11. A Melancholy Sky
    12. We're In This Together

    Currently I am still the mixing process, I am trying to upload as many songs as I can.
    Check out in the link below:
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