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    You can't bring me down,
    Do you hear what I'm trying to say,
    You won't break me down,
    When everything fades to gray,

    Splitting the soul,
    Abusing the hole,
    The ruptured vein,
    A sickness in my throat,
    Pushing through the storm,

    Wear your crown,
    But I won't drown,
    The chains on me are broken,
    Shattering the illusion,
    To breathe again,

    Try to bring me down,
    Listen when I say,
    Blind tormentor,

    Try to break me down,
    All has turned to gray,
    In the sickness,

    You can't bring me down (now)
    Do you hear what I'm trying to say (blind one)
    You won't break me down (now)
    When everything fades to gray (your sickness has drained from me.)

    ...thoughts please...

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