Behind the Glass (Lies the Mask)

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    Behind the Glass (Lies the Mask)

    Cut this cord that keeps the blade,
    Spinning in the cold above,
    Find a forest to lose yourself in,
    The wind there will have more warmth,
    Than those ghosts that you hold onto.
    Breaking walls that I want to build back up,
    Because breaking things is all I know,
    Broke this mirror to see the other side,
    But found my voice decay.
    Slipping away with every other frail hope,
    I don’t want to be this,
    But I’ve already become it.
    Façades of life,
    Illusions of you,
    Hidden in the candles,
    Burning the edges of the paper,
    So that the ink will start to run,
    Because the blood’s become a clot,
    And everything that was real is left behind the glass.

    ...haven't written in a while, thoughts on this piece?

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