Writing: Beauty of Braggadocio

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    Nothing makes you feel more invincible
    Then the sounds of rhythmic syllables
    Ride around town blasting flows, triples
    Raw dog bitch opponents, pitbulls
    They a disease to you when you in the mode, sickle (sicko)
    Their accomplishments become your accomplishments
    Rap along to the songs, you imagine all of them in astonishment
    Nobody stopping him, no opposition can copy him
    He's unique on the beat, his feats shoe away those who kick with him for the green
    East or West, they craving his name, he makes fans scream like Ghostface
    Seem impressed, haters saying his name in the void, his bars leave no space
    Fast cars, rap hard, sell well, the cash starts,
    Spits fire at a chopper's pace, the money like the blades that propels him to rapstar when he stays sharp,
    it just rotates
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