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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by LP Soldier 01, Aug 8, 2017.

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    I decided to create this thread to talk about everything related to Avril Lavigne, her best songs, upcoming album and so on.
    Here are my top 30 songs and some comments about her songs and also the upcomig record:

    Avril Lavigne
    1 Wish You Were Here
    2 My Happy Ending
    3 When You´re Gone
    4 Here's To Never Growing Up
    5 Noody's Home
    6 I'm With You
    7 Keep Holding On
    8 Give You What You Like
    9 Let Me Go (feat Chad Kroeger)
    10 What The Hell
    11 Smile
    12 Rock N Roll
    13 Complicated
    14 Sk8er Boi
    15 Hush Hush
    16 Innocence
    17 Mobile
    18 Slipped Away
    19 Everybody Hurts
    20 Take Me Away
    21 Fall To Pieces
    22 Together
    23 Goodbye
    24 Remember When
    25 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
    26 Forgotten
    27 Stop Standing There
    28 Alice
    29 Freak Out
    30 Don't Tell Me

    Album Rank
    1 Goodbye Lullaby (probably the most consistent album I have, more than Meteora, Living Things and One More Light (LP), Fallen (Evanescence) and any of the 4 Nightwish albums I have)
    2 Under My Skin (only the song He Wasn't bugs me)
    3 Avril Lavigne (fails on the songs Hello Kitty (that one is a mess), Bitchin' Summer and Sippin On Sunshine)
    4 Let Go (songs become less appealing from track 9, Things I'll Never Say)
    5 The Best Damn Thing (can only listen to the songs When You're Gone, Hot, Innocence and Keep Holding On, the others are pointless)

    Updated to 30 tracks due to the many good songs she has. This was the best top 30 I could make, but it's really dificult to decide between some songs which should be a bit higher or a bit lower because they are so similar in terms of quality and my top 30 can be constantly changing.

    Under My Skin is now my 2nd best Avril album with only one song I like less, which is He Wasn't.
    I still can't get the songs Girlfriend and Hello Kitty, they are catchy and all, but the lyrics are strange. Also most of the songs of the album The Best Damn Thing fall into that category of catchy, but strange songs, so that is why I ranked The Best Damn Thing her worst album.

    I have to show my appreciation for the song Black Star, which was not included due to being too short, but definitely one of the best ways, if not the best to start an album. That song resembles what a song with mostly piano and vocals should be.

    Album Distribution
    Let Go 4
    Under My Skin 9
    The Best Damn Thing 3
    Goodbye Lullaby 9
    Avril Lavigne 5

    I've been listening to her songs every single day and it was impossible to keep this as a top 20 only. Avril is by now my 2nd best artist only behind LP (best act of the 2000s) and ahead of artists like Evanescence (too short discography for a band like them), Nightwish (gave rise to Symphonic Metal, but even though Tarja's voice is one of the best female voices ever I would like to understand what she sings and for the band to have less complex lyrics even considering they deal with themes related to Fantasy in most songs), Within Temptation (beautiful voice, but not consistent on the first 2 abums), Epica (in many songs the growls just don't work in complementing Simone Simons' voice), Keane (1 very good album, in the others just one or 2 good songs) and Alanis Morisette (her best album is her collection of best songs, has fallen a lot in quality since 2005). I'm hyped for Avril's new album, which I hope will come later in 2017 and will deal with the way she went through Lyme Disease and the feelings she had during those hard times.
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    Sorry for the double post, but I'll leave a video so that you can comment on it and get discussion going:

    This is one of the songs I like best, on the top 10 Avril songs. It has good pace, a beautiful voice and consistent lyrics, one of the best slow songs I've ever heard. I'm always amazed by the way she plays the acoustic guitar and the piano, it's a way of making music that she's very comfortable with and a safe path for new songs because she never disappoints with that approach.
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