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    This post is in regards to the LPU contest just announced. I realized after replying to my topic in the Linkin Park forum, that I had enough text to start another thread! Sorry for a repost, but I figured more people would see it this way. :sweating:

    I know their are some brilliant musicians roaming these boards.
    I believe everyone has the capability to make great music! I would love to offer my help to anyone who wishes to receive it!
    I can help anyone, regardless of genre.
    My background is primarily in Hip-Hop/Rap, but is FAR from the only genre I have experience with.
    I can make instrumentals, rap, sing, as well as mix! Access to 3 Electric Guitars and a bass. A PEAVEY Half-Stack, a decent Mic locker, and all the digitally sampled instruments and synthesizers anyone could ask for!

    I have interned for a few of the local studios(permanent, or even PAID Engineering jobs are nearly non-existent in Utah!) including "Annex Recording" and "Boho Digitalia".
    The former does not receive enough revenue to have the ability to hire on another engineer, and the latter was a one man show holding 2 engineering jobs to keep the studio open.
    So he received revenue from the studio itself, as well as a position as head of the Audio Engineering Dept. at SLC Broad-View University. Even with extra, steady income from the university, he ultimately has been forced to combine his studio with "Spirit West Studio's" primally functioning as a Studio B.
    Spirit West is a very high quality studio, even featuring analog Reel-to-Reel upon customer request to compliment the Pro Tools HD setup. The majority of the money made at the studio is from time leased for the purposes of Video production(as far as I could tell during my time interning at BoHo.) Basically, people would rather pay to film a music video in this professional studio than record anything with their equipment! There is no market for my skills to be utilized. Not a market that could pay bills, while allowing me to keep my personal integrity.
    Engineering techniques once kept secret, are now common knowledge if you know where to look. So anyone who wants to engineer, need not leave their house to gain immense knowledge on the subject! People can even gain experience from their own home!
    The internet as well as the rise of cheap, high quality recording equipment has killed the average Professional Studio!
    And in my mind, that's ok!

    I came to the realization that withholding knowledge in order to profit from it, is fundamentally wrong(in my humble, meaningless opinion.)

    So, I am offering my skills to LPA/LPU. For free!

    Even if you'd prefer to submit your song as an individual(Where if you win, you alone would win), I'm still more than willing to help! I'm offering my skills and asking for nothing in return!
    If you like my musical style, and would like to collaborate on that level(Where if our song wins, we all fly out) I am more than willing to help in that way as well!
    Let me know if your interested and we can workout the details.

    Looking forward to hearing some great music!

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