Ataraxia makes dying alone so much easier.

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    Who knew a heart could act so clastic?
    It's like our voices could not;
    They could not resist the static
    And I, I could not be more ataraxic
    As my spine rests on a concrete matress
    Beneath the hands from which it has been crafted
    For it has been ruptured
    And I fear the outcome, it is becoming;


    Could you stay by my side, my dear?
    I know it is not the pain you fear,
    but the being I have become, it seems;
    It seems so unfamiliar and weak
    I'm sorry dear, but my words now...they may be bleak:

    I don't want you to mourn or regret the day I die
    All I want, is my side.
    But as I can see, you're packed up and ready to go.
    That's always been your attitude: "Chop, chop! On with the show!"
    And as you move on, I will remain here, here where I lie
    And as you move on, I will remain here, for here I shall die.
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    This is awesome. I particularly like the first verse/stanza. It's got an great use of words in it. Good stuff :)

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