As Your Eyes Rest In Mine

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    Well, at least I get something out of girl troubles. :lol:

    As Your Eyes Rest In Mine

    This life was once a loveless drought
    Until your presence met mine
    Captivating me in your beauty
    Shut out all else and carve your image in my heart
    Before your oblivious eyes, I've become entwined in dreams of you
    The deception of love past reminds me
    That you are no dream
    That you are as real as the air we breath
    As gorgeous as the endless crystal skies
    And I wonder when my time will come
    As your eyes rest in mine

    But who says love is always happiness?
    Love, my dear friend, is anything but it at times
    Love is self-hatred
    Love is depression
    Love is a permanently empty space in me
    That only you can fill now
    For I find as you walk away, you take a part of me along
    And until you return, the emptiness burns
    The tears scorch with lonliness
    And yet I can only smile at thoughts of you
    As I wait, wondering, wishing...

    If only I could have a moment alone with you
    As often as I find myself alone in a daze
    Why, I'd be at peace with these false hopes
    If only you knew these feelings of mine
    And understood why I seem so broken at times
    I'd hold you forever under these glistening skies
    As your eyes rest in mine
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