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    As Arrow is my current favourite series (I like LOT and Flash, but Arrow tops both), I´d like to know what you think of the series, but please don´t spoil the fifth season as I haven´t had time to watch it. I´m not sure if I´d like Oliver to be with Felicity or Laurel in the end, but it doesn´t even matter. I´ve heard that Manu Bennett was making his return as Slade Wilson this time, so I´m eager to see how it turned out. I just think they chose a villain on season 4 that was too op (Oliver couldn´t even get close to him most of the time due to Damien´s magic, only being able to hit him with explosive arrows, seldom with normal ones) and choosing other villain capable of causing even more pain, suffering and losses than Damien Darhk did to the Arrow team (most notably by blowing the Arrow Cave to bits with his nukes) and all those around them including the people of Star City (if I remember Oliver Queen is the mayor before season 5 and probably the number one target of those who intend to do much more harm than good to the city).
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    I quite enjoyed the show early on, especially season 2, but the show kind of took a turn for the worse during season 3, and season 4 was even worse. I never fully completed season 5, but it was a vast improvment over the two seasons that came before. It seems the show took a dip in quality because the showrunners after season 2 moved on to The Flash. Even now, I'd stopped watching all of those CW DC shows, partially due to not having enough time. I have the time now, so I may catch up.

    Only made it about halfway through season 3 of The Flash. Love that show to death, but it got real meh for me.

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