Albums/EPs/Songs of 2017 - Looking Forward To/Best Of

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by LP Soldier 01, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Had to revive this thread.

    Here are my choices/anticipated albums (doesn´t mean I´ll buy them, though)
    Linkin Park- One More Light (until now the best of the year)
    Paramore - After Laughter (huge drop in quality considering Brand New Eyes and Paramore, only Told You so and Hard Times were better)
    Evanescence - Synthesis (hoping for something great, to be among the best of 2017)
    Nickelback - Feed The Machine (was waiting fot this one, but it didn´t come close to what Nickelback has previously done)
    Avril Lavigne (she most likely have a new one, so I´m eager to ear it)
    Within Temptation (probably, at least they were already writing songs)
    Epica (waiting for new EP to be as good as last album The Holographic Principle)
    Pvris (let´s see, but the new singles are not as consistent as the songs on their debut album)
    Arch Enemy- Will To Power (let´s see what Alissa White-Gluz is cooking this time)

    Can look into new Coldplay EP and also Shania Twain´s new album. new Mike Oldfield, new Lady Antebellum and also new The Cranberries
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