Add one more light - Thursday Evening - Online Candle Vigil/Memorial.

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    Add One More Light:
    An Online candle tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

    To those that cannot attend upcoming memorial events or just those that want to join in, there will be an online candle vigil event held on Thursday evening. One week since Chester’s passing. Organised by your hosts for the Birmingham memorial on Saturday.

    Official time is 9pm UK, however we are encouraging everyone to do so at a time that is suitable to them, if this is not possible. nobody is to be excluded from this, do what works for you.

    Set up your own vigil to Chester, with a candle and whatever you wish to do and play one more light followed by any Linkin Park songs of your choosing.

    Post on social media using the official hashtag #ripchester and also #AddOneMoreLight so we can all see and share.

    All appropriate photos using the hash tag #AddOneMoreLight will be printed and added to the official book of condolence (which will also be published online) for the Birmingham Memorial that is taking place on Saturday at the location of Chesters last ever show, we are then trying to get this somehow to the band.

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    This is a super cool idea! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it goes really well and you can this book to the band :)

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