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    Oct 17, 2003
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    Hi... This is one of the first poems that I wrote when I seriously started to try my hand at writing poetry... It's of the thoughts of a woman stuck in an abusive relationship. Read and comment :p


    Your power over me is unwarranted
    Let go of me and let me be
    I don't want to be controlled by you any longer
    To wallow in a dream world, in a fog of unreality
    Where nothing is defined
    Where I chase after illusions in vain
    And always it ends with me holding out an empty hand

    Why? I ask myself
    I put myself through this pain, this madness, this torture
    A dance with despair
    That I initiate, that I invite, that I enjoy?
    What a sick, sad thought
    I wonder sometimes what kind of a fool I am
    Then I relive the crippling hunger that yearns
    An awful dark void in me that needs to be filled
    And I am brought down to my knees
    Kneeling in front of you
    Begging of you

    How many tears have I shed for you?
    My sorrow would overflow the oceans
    And spill onto the land
    In great,dark torrents
    The liquid shiny and black with rage
    Swells of anger that seep into the ground
    Poison that eats away leaving wounds that never heal

    How much more can I survive?
    Before I break
    Wither and die

    I am shackled in chains and I am imprisoned
    The captor and the captive is one and the same
    Bound in constraints of my own making
    And only I hold the key to freedom
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    _PianoPaPercut_ Ambient

    Aug 30, 2003
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    wow.. thats a good poem.. really descriptive.. i like..^^.. and thats probably my fave stanza.. never read this poem.. have u shown it to me? i dnt remember it.. anyway.. really good Karen!! ^_^..

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