A Thousand Suns Leaked

Discussion in 'News' started by Joe, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Minus

    Minus ohai LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 24, 2003
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    I love how people hate the interludes. They're musically amazing.
  2. SickOfTheTension

    SickOfTheTension Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Least favorite to favorite (excluding interludes) after only one listen to the whole album (listened to The Catalyst, Waiting for the End, and Wretches and Kings multiple times):
    The Messenger (classical rock rather than acoustic instrumentals would have been better imo)
    Robot Boy
    Burning in the Skies
    The Catalyst
    When They Come for Me
    Wretches and Kings
    Waiting for the End

    This probably proves how much I secretly want more HT LP stuff.... Not that I don't like the new stuff or M2M.

    Not sure if the following is a spoiler? But a lot worse has already been put.. but....
    I was a bit disappointed with the lack of Hahn after having both The Catalyst and Wretches and Kings have a "lot" of scratching. Maybe I just didn't notice him on my first and only listen until the 14th.
  3. Joe

    Joe I'm tried LPA Administrator

    Mar 20, 2004
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  4. cradle

    cradle Foreword LPA VIP

    Dec 15, 2006
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    How can you hate fallout? I think it's EPIC !!!!
  5. Meryl_

    Meryl_ Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    This album is way better than MTM. It's what MTM should have been. For the people complaining about the interludes, an album is an experience, a journey and i'm glad they took the risk to do this with the fact that not everybody will pay for those songs on Itunes at 99cents.
  6. Lord MSG

    Lord MSG Butcher Mike

    Aug 5, 2010
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    I turned off all the lights in my room, lied on my bed, put on my Dre. Beats, closed my eyes and started the amazing journey they spent two years creating for us. Now I must say it was well worth the wait and hype. Once it all ended I was a bit sad that I was back in this world, but every song is solid in their own way. I just wish I didn't work later on otherwise I would listen to the full thing for the rest of the day non-stop.

    Also, I can't decide right now what my favorite tracks are because the entire thing feels and sounds like one whole song to me. Brilliantly crafted art. Bravo Linkin Park.

  7. Ace_Linkin

    Ace_Linkin I Can Count To Potato

    Feb 15, 2007
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    only song im hatin on is robot boy something seems to be missing from that track

    other then that the album is fantastic :)
  8. Jeff

    Jeff WORSHIP LPA Addicted VIP

    Feb 3, 2010
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  9. I'm not listening to the leak. simple.
  10. The Messenger

    The Messenger Active Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Five listens later this album is still blowing my mind. I'm now listening with headphones on and it is even better. Is that possible? Robot Boy is even better than I thought, so many textures I hadn't heard before. Definitely one of my favorites, not sure what everyone else doesn't like about it. Now listening to Blackout with the headphones!!!
  11. Vic

    Vic No game no life

    Jun 29, 2010
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    Burning In The Skies... Period.
  12. A Wretched King

    A Wretched King Foreword

    Sep 2, 2010
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    love the album but it feels incredibly short. i think im not gonna listen to it anymore until maybe tomorrow or somehting. ive been listening non stop for hours now lol dont wanna overdue it
  13. TOVhumanoid

    TOVhumanoid Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    I think that "Iridescent" might have been a song for the fans. The reason why I say this is obviously because of the lyrics, but it clicked when the whole band started singing together. These guys have heard a lot of stories of hurt, suicide, loss coming from their own fans, and... I think they included the whole band singing to show their compassion towards this. I know my idea probably sounds stupid to some people, but it just got me thinking that. Yeah, this sounds cheesy to some of you, but oh well.

    I'm going to keep my interpretation now because it actually makes me like the song, whereas when I first heard it, I was like "eh".

    I can say that I'm starting to like the album a lot more, after several listens.
  14. jhenrich

    jhenrich New Member

    Aug 2, 2010
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    Waiting For The End.... fantastic, the end is unreal.
  15. PFortyy

    PFortyy Banned

    Jun 15, 2010
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    Listening now. :)
  16. Ree

    Ree a female witch. LPA Administrator

    Jul 28, 2010
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    I LOVE The Requiem and JDM is pretty good. I will always skip The Radiance and Empty Spaces, because even though they add to the album as a whole, I don't really care for them individually.

    I need to listen to Fallout and WJL some more before I can say anything about them.
  17. Necifix

    Necifix Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2010
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    A Thousand Suns

    Wow. That was pretty incredible. Blew my expectations out of the water. I'm not giving this shit numbers since the concept is idiotic to me.

    First and foremost, I am not an avid music listener. I do not have 30000 songs on my iPod (I only have a few, and don't like a lot of them) and, really, I don't find a lot of music that interesting. So, this is not a music expert's review.

    The Requiem -

    I was surprised by the voice and it was a very ominous way to enter the album. It did a good job of sucking me into the whole thing and getting a good idea as to what's to come. Minutes to Midnight's was pretty great too (along with that entire album), but, this definitely did a great job of what it was intended to do. The little surprise in there was nice.

    The Radiance -

    I don't quite understand why it's put here, as track #2. It could have been utilized elsewhere, but, hell... not really my artistic decision. "Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds."

    Definitely cool.

    Burning in the Skies -

    I liked this one a lot. It seemed a bit melodramatic and sort of fit both Chester/Mike's styles. I did have a little trouble understanding the lyrics in general though. I really liked the chorus, but, this is gonna end up being one like The Catalyst that has to grow on me first. I really liked the guitar solo towards the end.

    There was more guitar on this album in general than I had thought there would be. It's just a bit more covered up and not up front and center like it was on Minutes to Midnight.

    Empty Spaces -


    When They Come For Me -

    Holy fucking goat titties. This one was great. I absolutely loved the rap and chorus, and the sort of tribal-like influence was epic. Definitely one of my favorites from this album. From the preview clips, I figured I would love Burning and be kinda "eh, it's okay" Towards this one... turns out, it's the other way around. Damn, I was really off. This one kicks some major ass. This song is my definition of a "cool song".

    I listen to a lot of music when I am working out and I listen to some pretty hardcore, cool shit. This is going to be on there. "I am not a robot, I am not a monkey, I will not dance even if the beat is funky." - Mike is beast.

    I had to pause the album at this point because I needed to change my pants.

    Robot Boy -

    This one was just "meh" for about three minutes. It definitely kicked up towards the end, but, the whole vibe was a bit off-putting. Really wasn't a fan of it, still am not. It may grow on me, but, it just sounded downright weird for the first three minutes. It got pretty cool near the end, but, it left a lot to be desired.

    It sounded too much like Burning in the Skies, except, more watered down. Don't get me wrong, it's a good track, it's just one of those things that it depends on the person.

    Jornada del Muerto -

    One of my favorite of the interludes. Definitely kept me on a sort of cliffhanger as it built up for the next song. This song is where I kind of realized where the whole album was going and the message of it. At least, my interpreted message. But, I'm going to keep my thoughts on it to myself... hopefully the Journey of the Deadman opens some doors for you too.

    Waiting for the End -

    This one actually let me down a tiny bit, just because it sounded cooler from the initial clip. But, it was still really damn good. The chorus was great.

    It was more optimistic compared to some of the other songs and I understand where that's coming from. This definitely got me thinking. I love bands that do that. Most music is just so boring and dull with no inner meaning, this album wreaks of it. It did seem a little poppish, but, to be honest, it doesn't bother me. It's a really, really great song. At this point, it's in second place.

    The end was freakin awesome.

    Blackout -

    Bipolar, I mean... Blackout, was a pretty cool song. I loved how hardcore it was, but, I definitely was hoping for a little bit more in the verses than what was presented. Then, it seemed like Brad ran into the recording studio as Chester was screaming and tranquilized him suddenly and it dropped off. It seemed like two separate songs. It was odd, but, again, I think that was the point. I like the artistic direction it presented. The guitar seemed a tad more obvious in parts of the song than in other parts of the album, which I liked a lot.


    Wretches & Kings -

    Pretty epic song. I liked the rebellious nature, and Chester's chorus was epic. I was hoping for him to do the chorus once more, or the first one be longer... or something. The speech at the beginning and the end gets annoying after repeated listens, but, this album sort of breaks the rules of a general album and LP sort of did whatever the fuck they wanted, which I sort of respect. Definitely a song to play while I'm training.

    Wisdom, Justice, and Love -

    Holy shit. This was incredible. The mood of it was so beastly... it pulls you into Martin Luther King Jr's speech and he starts to fade out, like we're losing his message. We're losing the values he promoted and the beauty of them and being put into a robotic, false sense. My favorite interlude. It was chilling, it was dark and downright scary.

    Iridescent -

    Maybe I was just all OMGWTFZORS from Wisdom, Justice, and Love. But, this song was absolutely beautiful. It was everything I had hoped for. People were "meh" over the Iridescent clip, even I was a bit, but, it is downright the best song on the album, beating out Waiting for the End for first. The utter beauty of the chorus and the verses to really showcase sensitivity in this world of chaos is a jewel.

    Iridescent is simply amazing and has everything I expected and then some.

    Had to change my pants again.

    Fallout -

    Obviously, it includes parts of Burning of the Skies, probably my least favorite interlude. It doesn't really seem to fit to lead into The Catalyst.

    The Catalyst -

    I didn't like it at first, but, it has grown on me a lot. It has a less rough transition than Blackout has and it definitely shows a hectic struggling nature. In context with the rest of the album, it is a very good song and I even am using it in a special video of mine (that sounds weird).

    The Messenger -

    Hmm... a very odd track. I liked the simplicity, it really is beautiful in artistic terms. It left a lot to be desired lyrically, but, the message was simple. Very simple. It's a simple song with a simple message after all of those deep hidden meanings and chaotic tracks...

    When we are blind, love will keep us kind. It's the shortest full song on the record (by "full song", I mean not an interlude) and that itself says something. It's a great way to end the album and really made me sit there and reflect for a moment.


    Even though I said I wouldn't rate them, I will rank them (the full songs, not interludes):

    1. Iridescent
    2. When They Come for Me
    3. Waiting for the End
    4. The Catalyst
    5. Wretches & Kings
    6. Blackout
    7. The Messenger
    8. Burning in the Skies
    9. Robot Boy

    It's entirely possible that this list will change a bit as some of the songs grow on me, but, that's for now.


    1. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
    2. Jornada del Muerto
    3. The Requiem
    4. The Radiance
    5. Fallout
    6. Empty Spaces

    Conclusion: I must be in porn, because my mind has been blown.
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  18. Agent

    Agent Formerly known as Agent Sideburns LPA Über VIP

    Apr 20, 2006
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    Blackout lyrics anyone? Don't blackout on me.
  19. AndreyKamensky

    AndreyKamensky hakuna matata

    Jun 26, 2010
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    I can't handle it !!! gotta hear the whole thing now!
  20. Rosh

    Rosh Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2007
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    Sigh. At least Waiting for the End is pretty sweet.
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