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Discussion in 'Feedback & FAQ' started by Luke, Mar 29, 2005.

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    You all are right,I guess I should move on,so probably(hopefully) this will be my last reply,but when I see the whole thing again from the moment I posted my grievence one thing is true, neither am I consistent nor the LPA is consistent in their arguments why? if you had read the coversation completely you would have known,but let me tell you why,because first I was accused of posting a pointless thread,then I was accused of not being creative,then accused of copyiong an already existing stuff,then accused that there wasnt quite much uniqueness in the thread that I posted,so in the end which one is the stand of LPA now,because if the thread was pointless and not so creative why are the poeple here saying that those things have been created long back and most people knew it(wow so a pointless thing that everybody knew and stayed to such a long time, great),so the next thing, I had copied it then from somewhere, if you believe so please tell me where can I see those things on the internet(you still havent told me where can I find those things which you say were created long before hope please tell it now),and the last thing that those thing werent much unique again if it isnt unique how is it that they have been known from a long time,everything that has been said is contradicting,I hope the concerned people will make it clear, and about that calculus thing I just took it as an example and to draw parallel between that case and my case and that doesnt mean I am great as those people,I just created something(yes I still believe so) so I thought why not post it somewhere on the net. [/b][/quote]
    Seriously, will you just drop it? Holy crap.

    01:: Your thread was pointless. Get over it.
    02:: You don't decide whether a thread is pointless or not. Get over it.
    03:: The fact that you claim ownership and creation over a the most ridiculous internet slang I've ever seen is both asinine and hilarious. Get over it.
    04:: Typing like that makes you look like a fool, now matter how much you complain to the contrary. Get over it.
    05:: Nobody takes you seriously when you type like you have a brain the size of an ant.
    06:: Use more periods/spaces and buy a goddamn dictionary.

    This is closed because you just can't grasp the meaning of "drop it." And don't even think about making another thread because it will be deleted immediately and you will be warned for antagonizing staff members. Never have I seen so much arrogance. Have a good day.
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