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    A Girl Named Cassandra

    Trapped, entangled, I new of nothing that could hold me. What was kept, now unshackled, by hands so tutelary. My will melts in her presence, my soul set afire. What had lost its essence; is alive while she laughs at what this world admires.

    With a head of jumbled thoughts, like a snow globe they all sift back to you. This love you brought, nothing could be so ever true. My heart was lost in the darkness of the circus, beneath the trampled sands of passers by. You found it and gave it purpose, forever in your debt am I.

    Though you got lost in the chaos of the crowd, I will find you again. Ignoring the calls of others as they grow tiring and loud, my face hides pain behind the fakeness of a simple grin. I take a long breath, as it floats away from me in the cold. I look beyond the next mountains crest, and hope that it comes to rest upon your face in a place untold.

    Time holds no power; it only delays what is inevitable. Love will carry through the long hour, for you are worth the while. To know your face, is to know why God still smiles upon this earth. To hold your waist, is to know what I am worth.

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