A few of my good poems Ive wrote..

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by xXLPGurlXx, Jul 7, 2005.

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    xXLPGurlXx Member

    Jan 20, 2004
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    "Suicidal Revenge"

    This is my suicidal revenge
    I can no longer live here again
    My wrist are swelled
    For you, you can not dwell
    I lived my life to an extent
    My whole life has made no sense

    I'm sorry for being there
    I'm sorry that I actually cared
    I no longer have faith
    This is my last regret

    My lungs are no loner working
    My heart has finally began to stop
    I still can feel the blood run through my veins
    As it goes out my wrist
    Remember how I used to be the one you loved and cared for?
    I no longer am a problem in your life

    "Bloody Suicide"

    I can feel the blood dripping
    Outta my vein
    And onto the floor
    No I want to live
    I no longer want to see the light
    Why did I ever think I would survive
    How did I ever think of such a thing to do
    My breathe is getting deeper
    I can now see the coldness of the air
    I feel so lifeless, I can no longer bare
    I don't want to live
    Take my life and throw it away
    Make me never feel pain again
    The blood is like a river, going into the ocean
    I feel to stupid
    Just remember you where the reason why I had done this to myself
    So feel guilty
    I will no longer be a problem to society
    And I no longer will have to put up with you
    I loved you so
    But I was the who had to go
    This is my bloody suicide

    "Buried Alive"
    Underneath the surface
    She lies in agony
    Screaming her lungs out
    But no one can hear her
    She has fallen into the darkness
    In her own misery
    Hoping someone would save her
    Yet no one knows that she is alive
    Her fears have come true
    All her dreams have went away
    She’s holding on so tightly
    But her strength is no longer useful
    As she lay in her own sorrow
    She wonders how her life was so perfect
    You were the one who made her this way
    But now you disappeared and here she stays
    She has come to the conclusion
    That her life has came to an end
    She has been buried alive


    Callign out your name
    But no one is around
    Sheltered all alone
    In the eclispe of the night

    The night, silent as could be
    The feeling of the night I had met you
    But still your no where in sight
    Not even God could hear me if I had shouted
    It's as if I'm on Earth alone

    Don't you hear me calling?
    Can't you realize this picture?
    You can't be that dumb
    To realize who I am

    No logner teh person I knew you as
    No longer the person I am
    I have drifted to a far away land
    Where no one will feel my presence
    As if I never even exsisted

    www.sillygoth.com/~my_own_prison that is my site of most of my peoms.. Read 'em if ya like.
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    Luke Mind Your Manners. LPA Addicted VIP

    Jun 23, 2004
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    I like them but you seem to have an obsession with suicide and death :lol:
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    linkinpark_ben25 In Your Face!

    Apr 5, 2005
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    nice work
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    xXLPGurlXx Member

    Jan 20, 2004
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    No, I wrote alot of my good poems when I just broke up with my ex and I had alot of anger. But on my link I put up there, there are a few poems that aren't related to death or suicide.. But those peoms are like the easiest for me to write also...
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    El Muerto

    El Muerto LPA Super Member LPA Super Member

    Mar 16, 2005
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    apsofuckinglutely right
    i like exsistence the most
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    lp_sk8ergurl Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2004
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    Good job LPGurl.

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