3 doors down puts cash into coast

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    When the members of 3 Doors Down wrote the ballad Here By Me, they didn't realize how prophetic its lyrics were.

    "I'm sorry I can't always find the words to say/But everything I've ever known gets swept away/Inside of your love ..."

    Then, there's the chorus:

    "Everything I have in this world/And all that I'll ever be/It could all fall down around me/Just as long as I have you right here by me ..."

    Days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall near their homes, a new version of Here By Me produced by Columbia Records hit the airwaves as a public service announcement to aid the relief effort.

    This time, the words — interspersed with sound clips from the media — proved more poignant than ever.

    "We didn't want people thinking we were trying to capitalize on the disaster or take it the wrong way," said guitarist Chris Henderson, during a call from Chattanooga, Tenn. "We just wanted to get the word out."

    The song struck a personal chord with the band members, especially those who grew up near Biloxi and still live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with their wives and children.


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