10 Things I'll Know About You...

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Cassie, Jun 28, 2005.

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    1) i love music. i have already written over 300 songs and hope to be a songwriter and singer in a band someday

    2) i believe in god. i think he helps me alot

    3) i finished my highschool and i'm going to study english language. i had 92 out of 100 on the entrance test...

    4) i have alot of good friends both male and female and i'm proud of them

    5) i'm obssesed with linkin park and the only original cds i posses are by them. i like to download

    6) i have a youner brother who runs his own site and makes some pretty awsome stuff in flash. he doesn't want to make me a new sig so i guess i'll have to use my fists again...

    7) i've been a regular visitor of lpa for almost 4 years but i didn't join the forum until this year. i guess i thought it was bullshit but now i know it's not

    8) i often get drunk. i do and say some things that make my friends want to kick my ass. of course i appologize to them later

    9) i don't smoke and i have never done drugs

    10) i live in serbia and last year we went to italy on school excursion. those were probably the best 10 days in my life so far. it made me realize i want to see the whole world

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