10 Interesting Facts About You.

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Faint.09, Apr 4, 2004.

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    Faint.09 Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2004
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    I don't know if this has been done before, if it has, please delete this topic.

    Welp here are my 10.

    1. My birthday is on November 1st.

    2. I have two dogs named Jinx and Hurley. Jinx is a Shepherd Mix and Hurley is a Rottweiler.

    3. I am 15 and currently a sophomore in high school.

    4. I like WWE.

    5. I like both rock and rap/hip hop music.

    6. I enjoy paintballing. (I have a Tippman A-5 just incase anyone wanted to know)

    7. I play the guitar (acoustic and electronic).

    8. I'm on Spring Break for a week, finally.

    9. I've met No Doubt. (They're real laid back, down to earth and nice. Coolest people you can ever meet. Oh and Gwen is hot, I have picture of me and her together.)

    10. I enjoy snowboarding.
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    Dedicated LPA Addict LPA Addict

    Jan 18, 2003
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    1. My birthday is on September 11th.

    2. I have one dogs called Skye. She is a West Highland White Terrier. She ate my fish and my hamsters :lol:.

    3. I am 14.

    4. I support Everton FC.

    5. I like both rock and rap/hip hop music.

    6. Music, basically, is my life.

    7. I play the guitar (acoustic and electronic).

    8. I've visited America twice... Every time I've been to Orlando. On the first time I spent another week in Treasure Island and on the second time I spent another week in Lido Beach.

    9. I'm hyperactive 24/7, or usually anyway...

    10. I think food is awesome.

    11 (Yeah, 10's not enough). I hate school and teachers and school and teachers hate me... :mellow:
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    Hana i are scientists LPA Super Member

    Sep 6, 2003
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    1. I use only two fingers for typing on a keyboard
    2. I have my tongue pierced.
    3. I have two tortoises.
    4. I've been to two LP concerts.
    5. I'm originally from Czech Republic, but I lived in USA when I was younger.
    6. I'm turning 15 this summer.
    7. I'm addicted to internet.
    8. I think Czech ice-hockey national team kicks ass.
    9. I love Japanese food.
    10. I love Mountain Dew.
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    Will bread crumbs & white stones LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 25, 2002
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    1. My favourite colour is dark black.

    2. My favourite movie is "The Little Mermaid."

    3. My favourite food is Gerber's Baby Food.

    4. My favourite sport is ping pong.

    5. My favourite drink is water.

    6. My favourite music is pop/rap/hip-hop.

    7. My favourite artist is Britney Spears, and then Chingy.

    8. My favourite TV show is "The Real World."

    9. My favourite animal is a poodle.

    10. My favourite book is Dr. Seuss' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

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    Nowhere Kid

    Nowhere Kid Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2004
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    OMG w1Ll thAt s0000 sOUnz ju5T lyke MII!!! OMG!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

    :rolleyes: :p
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    Adam !!!! LPA Super Member

    Nov 27, 2003
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    1) Kurt Cobains body was discovered the day before my birthday

    2) My favourite film is the mummy and the mummy returns

    3)Fred Durst kicked me at a limp bizkit concert

    4)I spent a week researching KoRn and now know almost everything about them

    5)Im a member of the LPA

    6)I love ice scream

    7)My dream is to become the next Don Gilmore

    8)I am a manchester United fan that comes from Manchester :mellow: (w00t)

    9)I know today is sunday

    10)I made my own sig
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    Cal LPA Super Member LPA Super Member

    Apr 9, 2003
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    1. I was born on the 23rd November 1988, im 15

    2. I love playing football, and hope to make a career out of it

    3. Im trying to learn guitar :lol:

    4. Im growing my hair long, like Kaka from AC Milan (ive got a pic if anyone wants)

    5. I love red

    6. Im an Arsenal and St Johnstone fan till i DIE!

    7. limpbizkit R better than EVERYONE B)

    8. I like at least something from most styles of music

    9. People think im funny (in person, its hard online :lol:)

    10. I come from Scotland which means i get more money in the Giro than you do B)
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    Alacrity don't stop talking to me; i haven't been listening LPA Super Member

    Jul 12, 2003
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    1. My birthday is 19 days after Andrea's (Different year though)
    2. I play field hockey and softball
    3. I am addicted to swedish fish
    4. The lowest grade i've ever gotten on my report card is a B+ :wth: :p
    5. I like all different kinds of music
    6. I've seen LP in concert once, and met them
    7. When I met LP, Mike shook my hand (w00t) B)
    8. I like to speak some random Hawiian words
    9. I'm a sucker for acoustic
    10. I will do almost anything for my friends
    11. (Yeah, i'm making 11 cuz i'm cool like that) My friends call me Fifi, therefore causing another whole slew of names like Poodle, Fifi the Poodle, VIP (Very Important Poodle), and many others :teehee:
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    albi Banned

    Mar 10, 2004
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    1)my name is alberto i was born on october 8 1984 so i m 19 i live in milan (italy)

    2)i live with my uncle cause my parents die in a car accident when i was 5

    3)i play agonistic soccer since i was 5 my dream is became a professional soccer player

    4)i m a inter milan supporter since i was born and i will always be

    5)i attend the high school

    6)my fav kind of music is rock and my fav band is linkin park

    7)my fav kind of movie are war movie but also adventure and action movie

    8)i m very shy

    9)my hobbies are watching tv play computer games listening to music

    10)i play drums
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    coley8605 Guest

    01. I'm left-handed. Thaaaaat's right, you're impressed.

    02. I have a quote book with the coolest/most stupid quotes from freaks I know, freaks I don't know, and the occasional lyrics

    03. I'm addicted to a.) MUSIC b.) Concerts c.) Mountain Dew d.) Gummy Worms e.) CHEESE

    04. I might have been a twin... Doctors think my "twin" may have been a miscarriage. Freaky deaky.

    05. I've interviewed Trapt (phoner), Hoobastank (dressing room), (hed) P.E. (dressing room), Memento (tour bus), Switchfoot (phoner), Endo (media tent), Dry Cell (tour bus), and Echo 7 (phoner).

    06. I've seen over 100 bands live.

    07. I'm also a sucker for anything acoustic.

    08. 18 on August 11. Weeeee.

    09. I plan on working at a record label during college at Music Tech. I'll be the one signing those kick ass bands, oh, you just wait. ;)

    10. Sarcastic as hell.
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    PaperFlowers Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2004
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    • 1. I have an unnecessary fear of pain.
    • 2. I am one of two girls in my year who isn't in the choir
    • 3. I speak a little Chinese
    • 4. I am 1/4 Belgian
    • 5. I find my granparents annoying
    • 6. I hate when people ask me if i'm OK
    • 7. I hang out with my best-friends nerdy boy-friend more than she does.
    • 8. I am one of two girls in my year NOT leaving school at the end of the year
    • 9. When I was born, the doctors thought I was insane
    • 10. It took me six years to get to grade 1 on the piano.
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    Maëlle I've seen it all

    Mar 8, 2004
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    1. I was born on Spetember 17th 1988 in Montreal

    2. I'm more French than Canadian and it complexed me for a year

    3. I never really fit anywhere

    4. I'm very shy so I hide it behind a 'talk to me and die' face
    when I'm in front of new people

    5. I can't stand over optimistic people

    6. I was told to be the most pessimistic and sarcastic girl on earth.

    7. When I'm mad I shut myself in my own world and push away anybody who tries to be nice.

    8. I'm the only girl in my school who doesn't wear any make-up on a daily basis (not even mascara)

    9. I'm addicted to music

    10. I can only be in a dark if I'm going to bed or develop photos.
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    Meteora89 Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2004
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    1) I was born in the Soviet Union (Russia)
    2) Im addicted to music and the internet
    3) Im 14 turning 15 in October
    4) GTA: San Andreas is coming out 2 days before my birthday and if it doesnt i'll be very pissed
    5) I dont speak any russian even though i was born there :chemist: :whistle:
    6) i play guitar (both acoustic and electric)
    7) ive met both LP and KoRn
    8) im into BMX, Skateboarding, and snowboarding
    9) my favorite video game(s) are the metal gear solids. (i cant wait for snake eater to come out)
    10) i like badgers
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    Whimsicality I broke the dam.

    Mar 22, 2003
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    1. My birthday is October 6th.

    2. I have two dogs, Misty (greyhound) and Honey (beagel) and a horse named Mowgli.

    3. I am 14 and homeschooled.

    4. I use the adjective "pretty" for guys a lot. :wth:

    5. I consider "huggable" a very good compliment.

    6. My life revolves around my horse, music and writing. I really need more hobbies. :p

    7. Bambi is one of the coolest movies ever. No arguing!

    8. I pace in my room a lot. I can't help it, I get so much energy late at night!! :mellow:

    9. The first concert I ever went to was Carly Simon when I was like 6. We were waaaaay in the back.

    10. I went snowboarding once. I was very bad at it. :unsure:
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    Anya Lost LPA Super VIP

    Aug 20, 2003
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    Tadah! Done.
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    Andrea best friends. LPA Addicted VIP

    Dec 12, 2002
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    01. My birthday is June 3, 1987
    02. I have the best (and hottest) boyfriend ever, John! :p
    03. I go to concerts on a daily basis.
    04. I am a skateboarder.
    05. My first concert was Bush on July 4, 1997 in Hershey, PA.
    06. I am horny...a lot. :whistle:
    07. Punk rock is my favorite type of music that I live for.
    08. I am a sports fanatic. All of the Philly teams are my fav.
    09. I love writing poetry.
    10. I don't have any piercings because I am afraid of the pain. :mellow:
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    arT saveS

    arT saveS Y2K

    Dec 19, 2002
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    001. I was born in Centralia Illinois, on October 5th, 1988.

    002. I have lived in 2 other states besides Illinois. (Michigan & Texas, I have lived in Texas 3 different times, and Michigan 1 time.)

    003. I play electric bass and electric guitar, but I only own a bass. (I'm getting an Ibanez Iceman soon)

    004. I have seen LP in concert about 100 times now. (LIT) :shifty:

    005. My ex and me are in total love, but we haven't went out since we broke up. :wth:

    006. I hate school with a passion, and would do anything to get out of it.

    007. My goals for the future: Complete atleast 4 years of college, be the bassist in a successful band./or/Become a music producer./or/Movie director./or/Anything in music.

    008. Music is the second biggest thing in my life.

    009. Before I liked LP/KoRn/LB/MudVayne/Disturbed (Metal and the like) and was in love with bands like N*Sync, BSB, Britney Spears, Hanson, and the Spice Girls. As soon as I saw Crawling, and listened to as much rock and metal as possible. The Birth of a metal head.

    010. I love SpongeBobSquarePants. (I'm watching it right now.)
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    ass_kicker Banned

    Feb 9, 2004
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    1. My name is katie :shifty:

    2. i love this smile :shifty:

    3. i went to an offspring concert.

    4. i want to be goth. one day i will, i promise.

    5. im on skiing vacation right now.

    6. im bored because a stupid girl keeps on bothering me.

    7. i HATE skiing

    8. im bored.

    9. theres nothing interesting about me...

    10. im in a band... .yeah its really s*it though.
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    GuineaPigsFromHell Banned

    Mar 11, 2004
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    lets see

    1. I really like linkin park
    2.You know how theres two swiss rolls in a package? well, i can only one of them because if I eat two right after another I'll get sick
    3.I have a brother
    4. I'm a girl
    5. my birthday is on November fifth
    6. My first opinion on html was "this is a sick mess of slashes, arrows, and things i have never seen before"
    7. I have two dogs, Timmie and Abel
    8. Abel is a hyper one year old shepherd that could annoy someone to the point of madness
    9. Timmie's laid back
    10. I Really like Linkin Park
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    LornVourkolakas About To Blow Chunks

    Aug 14, 2003
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    1. I'm female.
    2. I'm a Cancer. Which is interesting because I have Cancer. :lol:
    3. I am 15.
    4. I am a lesbian.
    5. I have a girlfriend.
    6. I masturbate often.
    7. I'm a hopeless romantic.
    8. I want to be in a band.
    9. I'm a very fast typer.
    10. I'm very funny.

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