10/10/2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Night 2) - LIVING THINGS World Tour

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    Tomorrow night Linkin Park will be playing their second show at the Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, following their show at the same venue last night. It's the third Brazilian date of the LIVING THINGS World Tour leaving the band just one more stop in Porto Alegre, Brazil on October 12th before taking a break for the South African dates in November.

    The show last night was described as insane, with possibly the loudest crowd of the tour so far, so expect the same amount of enthusiasm from the Brazilian audience at this show too. Linkin Park played Set B last night with a couple of minor changes (View full set here). The most notable change was the inclusion of an acapella Crawling verse between LOST IN THE ECHO and In The End. The fans sang along with Chester making it a great addition to the experience. Although Crawling wasn't performed in full or with instruments, this marks the first time it's appeared in a set in any capacity since the Third Encore show in Burbank, CA, US on August 7th of this year, right before the Honda Civic Tour kicked off, but I could be mistaken there. The band also switched up the position of In The End by playing it before Numb as opposed to Bleed It Out which they've been doing for this set recently. You can watch a clip of Crawling below.

    Crawling, In the End, Numb - Rio de Janeiro - October 8th, 2012 via Felipe Magna

    With the band playing the exact same venue as their previous show there could be a chance they'll make even more changes to the set for this show. I'm personally hoping for the set that begins with the Game of Thrones intro into With You that also includes When They Come For Me as they haven't played this set since Chula Vista, CA, US on September 10th, 2012. However, they could also play Set A or maybe something new entirely? We'll see.

    Once this show is over they'll play one more show in Brazil before taking a break for the South African dates that kick off in November, beginning with Cape Town, SA on November 7th. You can view all past and future tour dates on the LPA Tour Map.

    Let us know if you're heading to the second show at Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by leaving a comment on our LPA Forums or tweeting us @LPAssociation.


    With You (Game Of Thrones Intro, 2012 Scratch Outro)
    Faint (Extended Outro)
    Given Up (Ext Outro)
    VICTIMIZED (w/ Qwerty)
    Lying From You
    Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)
    New Divide
    Empty Spaces (w/ megaphone)
    When They Come For Me (w/ megaphone)
    Waiting For The End ('Until It Breaks' rap Intro, Wall of Noise Outro)
    Breaking The Habit
    Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)
    The Catalyst
    What I've Done
    In The End
    Bleed It Out (Beastie Boys "Sabotage" Bridge, Extended Outro)
    LOST IN THE ECHO (2012 Intro)
    One Step Closer (Extended Outro)
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    I'm really looking forward to the SA dates, hopefully they'll play Castle of Glass and Powerless. Anyway, if anyone's going, have a great time! :)

    EDIT: Halfway to supermember, hell yeah! :lol:
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    Holy shit, what a loud audience! :lol: Awesome.
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    Søuł As rogue as they come

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    Anyone know if anyone's tweeting the setlist? Just wondering because COG was released today if they'll play it (or at least an acapella or piano version)

    &lol my 69th post

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