Writing: 太陽の下の砂へ行った、何処にケセラセラ

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    Dear language aficionados,

    Below is one of the first poems I've written in over a year and several months.
    It is the result of a throbbing block on creativity, and my attempt to rectify the situation.
    I can only hope that someone, somewhere will take please in their reading.
    There may be those who notice that the last half of the sonnet does not exactly rhyme.
    It is intentional and signifies the broken scene that is placed before you.

    Sincerely, Jesse.


    For the family succour do all his actions lay.
    To reveal a heart so black it makes the nights look gray.
    With red resolve, becomes all the lives crushed by his hand -
    In a cloud of dust, hopes buried in the desert sand.

    His legacy a sonnet, and littered with despair.
    Blooded in the breeze, no achievements left to impair.
    The mighty has fallen, set the innocent alight -
    leaving just crimson pleas to illuminate the night.

    Wondered weak and weary, and weathered from the storm.
    Those on his path can only hope to be reborn -
    a phoenix, to rise from ashes buried in a hole.
    To remedy the corruption only known to grow.

    And thus a thief in the gray night marks a crowded tomb
    to be whisked away, by light of a desolate moon.
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