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a little taste of hypocrisy, 30, from Finland

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    1. Andreina
      Hah! Yeah, the people who live far from the tropic are sensitive to warmer temperatures, it's understandable! I can't stand much cold temperatures so that would be funny for you! xD at 18ºC I'm cold and at 16ºc I'm freezing! If I go to Finland I'll make sure to buy a lot of coats :lol:

      Ummm most of the times I can't tell which season we are in :lol: because when rain is the one who tells you it can get confusing as it could rain anytime on the year! But I get an idea based on the level of a river I have near my house.. Since it's low we are getting into the dry season, but today it rained all afternoon!

      Oh you're 20 not bad! 90's girl :P .. I'm 23 but before you tell me I know I don't look my age hahaha :lol: I look younger but that's not a bad thing I guess!

      I see you've travelled a bit, I hope I can do that too in the future :)
    2. Andreina
      He he yes! It's always interesting the things that we don't see often. In the tropic we have only two "seasons", a "sunny" (or dry) one and a rainy one.. And my city in particular is hot ha ha yes temperature is always above 20ºc (actually that's how I set up my air conditioner) and the high ones go up to around 34º, reeeeeeally hot.. [IMG]

      I actually remember when the boys in TR came, they were so red! Ha ha and I read somewhere that Eero said they hoped "they would do something in photoshop so they don't look that red" in pictures ha ha, poor boys :lol:, but the city they came is a "warm" one not a HOT one like mine ha ha.


      He he yes I hope I can continue learning german in the future, it's one of my goals :D .. Btw how old are you? :)
    3. Andreina
      Ha ha thanks! :) And as a curious fact, "Margarita" is the name of one of the cities in my country xD.. Apart from the drink name it's also a flower :P .. So tell me, your username has a meaning in particular? Looks a bit hard to read for me! He he.

      I picked up a tiny bit of finnish back then in high school when my TR craze was over the roof ha ha.. Like the numbers and some pleasantries. But one I never forget is "anteeksi, en puhu suomea!" (is that right? xD), I learned how to say "I can't speak ____" in several languages lol!

      Yeah one always has that curiousness about learning a new language but it takes a lot of effort and dedication.. Apart from english I want to learn german but I can't find a proper school to learn it so it's a bit difficult.

      I would like to travel to europe one day, especially the nordic countries.. Since I live in a tropical zone I have actually never seen what snow is like, and our temperatures are always above 20ºc so I feel attracted to see a different landscape and environment, and the northern lights of course! They look spectacular in pictures..
    4. Andreina
      My favorite LP album, jeez :lol:.. Each one has its own charm but I think ATS could be my favorite because I love both the songs and the artwork/imagery used in that cycle.. It was amazing :D

      And about my username, yes it's my real name ha ha, it's my middle name actually.. It's a common variation of "Andrea" in spanish, those two are very common names but "Andreina" is more popular as a middle name :awesome:
    5. Andreina
      I saw TR once the only time they came here in 2005 :D on Eero's Birthday! But since they were promoting HFTS they only played songs from it and DL, they didn't play any Into song :( but I did enjoy it a lot he he.. I haven't seen LP either : ( I'm still waiting for the chance, I'll probably have to gather some money and see them abroad..

      About Kelly, well since I'm a fan I would probably hit you with a ton of song recommendations :lol: but luckily she released a Greatest Hits album recently so that would be perfect for a start! It has songs from every album as well as new songs (Catch My Breath, Don't Rush and People Like Us), so if you feel like checking her hour that compilation will do fine.. Outside those songs I strongly recommend "Long Shot", it's really catchy..

      Ha ha you like the ESC too! Yeah the finals are a great show but I watch the semi finals just in case I like a song that doesn't make it through : / .. I'm looking forward to next year already, this year there were some good songs but my favorites were Denmark (it was really the best), Sweden and Russia.. And the Romania guy was a crazy performance! xD Ha ha ha some acts just are too funny...

      You're cool I like you already! :P
    6. Andreina
      It's really hard for me to pick a favorite TR album, Dead Letters is untouchable but I think Black Roses is up there for me as well, but HFTS is awesome! (I have three copies xD) Their self titled has some really good songs as well, and Into has some classics that to me are timeless.. I adore "Smash" and "Days".

      Don't be ashamed for having all the studio albums, that's pretty much enough to enjoy the music from an artists, apart from LP and TR I have albums from other people but just the studio ones, and it's just fine, I enjoy them a lot :).

      I haven't listened to HammerFall but I knew 30STM by name, I just heard some songs here and there but oddly I liked more some of the newer songs, not all though, Conquistador, Up in the Air, The Race and Northern Lights are the ones I really like from their latest album.

      Well growing up I used to listen to a lot of rock bands in LP, TR, Rammstein, Disturbed, Lostprophets, Trapt, Metallica, System of a Down, but now I'm into some pop rock and electronics as well, my tastes have evolved overtime, just like LP xD. I'm became a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson since 2005/07 I think.. Adele is awesome too.

      Right now I'm listening to some pop and industrial rock.. I feel shy about this but much of the pop I listen to right now is thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest :lol: many people in Europe don't really mind about it but I just watch it every year to listen to new artists :), there I knew about Christine Guldbrandsen, Dima Bilan, Sakis Rouvas (my favorite), Loreen and now Emmelie De Forest..

      I'm a bit out of the loop on the big artists right now, I'm not too attracted but if a nice song is out there I'll definitely give it a chance :D
    7. Andreina
      Ha ha that's really cool! I was going to bring that up someday x) .. They are my 2nd (joint 1st actually) favorite band. I've been absolutely in love with their music since 2003, even though they're so different from LP, I really respect them musically because I believe they have amazing talents, they should get more credit than they have right now.

      And actually, not too long ago I had Lauri in my signature, before this one xD. Here in my country you can't find many of their CDs but I've done what I can to have my own little collection :D, here is a pic of my The Rasmus collection, and here is a pic of my Linkin Park collection.. I try to collect from both bands as much as I can :)

      The amount of items you have from a band don't say if you're more of a fan or not, but I just enjoy collecting what I can.. A lot of people have larger collections than mine but I am happy with what I have because I know I put effort into it and that's what matters :).

      So, what else do you like? What kind of music do you enjoy the most?
    8. Andreina
      Ha ha don't worry! English isn't my first language either, and it's okay, an opinion isn't original or unoriginal, they are opinions and therefore all points of view are welcome :)

      Yes I am looking forward to Recharged, though I didn't mind much some of the remixes of the suscription, I'm really curious about the new remixes and especially those with the new verses, I loved Reanimation too :D

      You write very well so you have nothing to worry about there! Keep posting!
    9. Andreina
      Heyyy... Great first posts! I've just seen your posts on the LP chat and they're really good! I think you'll have no problem settling into the community, and with time you'll get more used to our "funnier" side :D .. I think you joined in a great time, since there will be a lot of news and speculation over the new material so there's going to be plenty of stuff to talk about :D

      Good to see you're being active :)
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    Aug 28, 1993 (Age: 30)
    I'm Janita, 20 years old, living in Finland. I discovered Linkin Park's music in 2012 or late 2011 so I'm still quite a newbie. None of my friends are into LP so it would be great to get to know other fans! :)

    Postcrossing, music, singing, animals, dancing, books, movies


    I’m no hero, you remember how I was, you know
    All I ever did was worry, feeling out of control
    to the point where everything was going end over end
    I’m spinning around in circles again

    ~ Fort Minor