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It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire., from "Awesometown" California.

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    1. Arlene
      Aha Joe is an intense person :P

      And I know!!! I'm pumped for results! :lol:
    2. Arlene
      Yeah it won't be too many hours, but I'm free the entire weekend so hopefully I'll get some good hours then
    3. Arlene
      Oh that's cool! Yeah...the chains restaurants get boring. It's nice to go to a place and not be exactly sure what to expect, because it's not the same restaurant as the ones in every city, ever :lol:

      And yup, grocery store. I'll be a cashier. I dunno about hours yet, I have orientation this weekend and then I start working, but hopefully it'll be decent enough!

      And that's cool, I totally support living at home for as long as possible, haha
    4. Arlene
      Hope you feel better! A head cold is just like when you have a cold, but it's all in your head. Lots of congestion, headaches, runny/stuffy nose (yes, at the same time) and my head feels like it weighs 8000 pounds haha.

      Where do you work? I just got hired at Shop Rite, which is a grocery store. So I'm pretty psyched!

      And aha, that sucks about no dvd player. Do you live by yourself?

      And yes you have, :lol: I bet I stole yours too
    5. Arlene
      Aha just about everyone, yes. I was afraid that it wouldn't be that great since everyone was so hyped about it...but oh my GOD it was amazing :lol: I'm seeing it again saturday with a friend and then my group of friends wants to see it next movies, here I come :P

      And yes...movies coming out on DVD are much easier. Cheaper, you can be home and comfy, can comment out loud if you want and whatnot :lol:

      Me, I'm doing okay. I have a head cold that's been bothering me for a few days and I finally succumbed and stayed home from school today. Wah. How are you?
    6. Arlene
      I havent even heard of the Book of Eli...haha. Have you seen Avatar?!
    7. Arlene
      Ugh my message was too long:

      And yeah, college is really expensive :unsure: However, my school has a scholarship program that as long as you're in the top 10% of your class, you can go to community college for free for the first year, and if you maintain your GPA in the first year of college, the second year is free too. I luckily, am in the top 10%. Well, I was all year last year, and I'll find out for sure in a few weeks if I am this year too, so that's nice.
    8. Arlene
      Well, im taking pre-calc just because that's the next math course offered at my school. I'm not taking it for accounting purposes. I'm taking accounting 101 for that :P I decided that I wanted to be an accountant after taking accounting 101 for a few months. I absolutely love it. I love numbers, and I love when they make sense. Plus like, if you take the PACT or the PSAT, they tell you, depending on your answers, what a good field for you would be. My number one is ALWAYS accounting, followed by business. So it just kinda works for me. Actually taking the CPA test is gunna be a ways down the road because it's really difficult, so for a while I'll probably just be a basic accountant and then take the CPA test further on.
    9. Arlene
      Haha, the backstage thing is in idea, but I'm planning on being a CPA (certified public accountant.)

      I so hear ya about wanting to just be done...lucky you you're already in college, haha. I'm just ready to really start my life, yknow? Have a career, etc.

      And yes you did hahah :lol:
    10. Arlene
      Haha yeah, I'm graduating high school with 12 college credits. It's pretty sweet. I guess I'm enrolled in the college...I dunno, last year's french IV and this years french V were automatically through the college- they're the advanced levels so yeah. But it's not really too hard. As for accounting through the college, they offer some courses at my high school where you can take classes through the community college which I didn't have to get into- I just signed up for the class and then paid for the course. There wasn't any testing or anything

      As for acting, meeeeh, I really like the class, but I'd rather be someone backstage telling people what to do than acting. I've been a ballerina all my life, and during one of the Christmas shows rather than dancing I worked stage crew and I liked that so much more than performing. *shrug* I dunno! Haha
    11. Arlene
      Yeah that sounds like it sucks haha. I can understand why you want to complain. :)

      And yeah I'm in high school. I'm taking French V which is a college course, acting, accounting 101 (taken through the community college), government, english and the arts, AP english, and Pre-calc (which sounds similar to what you're doing but not quite.) So yeah, I've got 3 college courses that I'm doing, but it's not too bad
    12. Arlene
      Haha yeah I'll try my best to stear clear :P

      And yeeah, busy busy! What kind of classes are you taking?
    13. Arlene
      Apparently, baha.
      Ugh, I'm sick of bullshit.

      But how's it going?
    14. Derek
      I know. Love it to death. Only gripe I've had is that it is very difficult to charge the battery without the 'its too hot' message. Thank god it accepts normal batteries.
    15. Jesse
      Well that may be true, but it's called gene pantenting, think of this way, one companie patents the "gene" that causes skin cancer or what ever, which would restrict other companies to do the same without having to pay the company that has the patent right. maybe there's a another company that wants to actually help people fast without having to pay and pay for the research they rightfuly should have without restrictions. It's a very confusing process, and the U.S. patent office is very unclear to exactly what you can call an "Invention" more later.. if you want lol
    16. Fox
      Waiiiit, did you type the right address?

      Hm, what's your e-mail on msn hun
    17. Fox
      I did accept it! lol Get ON!
    18. Fox

      lol I did come back, and I'm on every now and then but I think when I'm online YOU are not around :P

      You should add me on msn silly! :)
      [email protected]
    19. Theazninvasion68
    20. Amanda.
      Am I? I had no idea. :P
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