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Jan 8, 2018
Nov 9, 2004
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It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire., from "Awesometown" California.

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Jan 8, 2018
    1. Ree
      What does "come along, pond" mean? :lol: well I have been on LPLive and the old LPMB messageboards since like 2008. I started checking this place out around the whole pre-ATS release madness and now this place has become my online home, lol.
    2. Ree
      Hai Robert :awesome:

      My name is Reeta but everyone calls me Ree :)
    3. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      Nah it was a lot of incident combined. /im on msn not away
    4. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      We can talk tonight uninterrupted. Ben and I broke up.
    5. aki*lp
      Just noticed my notification. You are so sweet, thanks <3
    6. Amanda
      Not too much. Been doing life stuff. I'm growing up haha.
    7. Amanda
      I was just away. And talking to some friends on here made me realize that it was time to come home. :]
    8. Amanda
    9. Rana LP Luvr
    10. OkamiSensei
    11. Arlene
      Ah well, english 101 cant be too bad. I took AP english and I just got my scores and unfortunately didn't get the credit so I have to take it in college :( I actually just went to my college yesterday and registered and made my schedule so that was exciting.

      And Zack...he's great. He's really emotional haha which can be a bit overwhelming but i know that it's because he cares which I've lacked in past relationships. I work with him at ShopRite...he's a front-end runner which is a type of manager. He's basically one of the people that runs around to every register to fix cashier's mistakes and help with stuff.

      And that's a good point about it being good for getting a new job...which I might be considering soon because I'm getting annoyed with some stuff (one of the front end managers is leaving for a different store and is being replaced by someone awful that Idk if Ill be able to handle working with so I guess we'll see.)
    12. Arlene
      Yeah, haha. I work at ShopRite. I've been busy lately...I've been working 4pm-12am the past few weeks and training cashiers on the front end, and I was given a special job as coaching cashiers when they screw shit up, haha. But it's good. And I've found myself a new boy! We've been seeing each other (officially) for about 5 weeks and things are going great. He respects me and most importantly, we're looking for the same thing: companionship and love. So it's really great :)

      What summer classes are you taking?
    13. Arlene
      Heh I've been floating in and out. I've been busy with work and life. But I've been trying to stay caught up! How's everything?
    14. OkamiSensei
      stop telling me to stop stalking u plz
    15. Dean
      Looks good doesn't it?
    16. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      :rolleyes:heeeey .how is it going with??? :)
    17. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      heeeey .how is it going with??? :)
    18. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      cause ENGLAND is like used to conquering alot of we study how that affected people and poets and then English Literature was so great we study it ....and as it was conquering EGYPT in old days :lol: ... wish you luck ...and when you'll finish ????? about me i'll statr 4th of June and then i have to take ICDL :( ...
    19. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      18 too ..... :D GOOD LUCK man ..hope it go well ...i study everything about ENGLAND from lecture and litrature and language ..what about you ??? :)
    20. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr old are you ?? :D ..sorry for that ..
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