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It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire., from "Awesometown" California.

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    1. tROCKS24
      in 1999, when i was in 5th.grade, i started the clarinet. In 2000, i got keyboard-i was very excited that day on Christmas, i was 12 yrs. old :) and in 2006, i got to take piano classes 1-4 at Florissant Valley Community College. Also, in late 1999 like in the Fall was when I discovered alternative rock. That's how I "met" Linkin Park; then it grew into the 2000's with continuation of popularity. hehe

      The song thing I'm doing is coming along pretty great! I've got three parts with 1&2 guitar, synth and base synth completed. I decided to add more parts to the same instrument. So, I have three more parts left to do. An LPA member sended me the guitar's 1 and 2 about the surprise. I'm being general too :lol:
    2. tROCKS24
      Ni hao :) i first really liked Japanese. I was going to take a Japanese class in high school, but it was too late. The high school cut out some classes due to tax budgets. They were mostly foreign languages and electives. For Korean, I found KPop last year. I find all three: Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Korean very interesting to learn and I can't wait to learn more :)
    3. tROCKS24
      i've been in music for a long time= i first started playing 1 instrument since i was in 5th. grade. I started with clarinet then, keyboard in 2000, then piano in 2006, officially for 12 years . My youtube videos are in categories: world dance [Asia and Bellydance], clarinet covers, keyboard covers and sing covers. hehe i will go ahead and add you. :)
    4. tROCKS24
      okay, the pictures are good to go--you can send one :) sure you can wear LPA shirt as well
    5. tROCKS24
      oh, i joined in January 2011* and yep, i'm from St. Louis. Tempe = Temple and Ce'zanne [my middle name] is a French artist-mentioned in books too come to find out esp. in history books. It's Mandarin. recently on Youtube, i uploaded a video of me singing in three languages: Korean, Japanese and Chinese. You are more than welcome to view it. its TKUYG as my username. do you have a youtube account?
    6. tROCKS24
      where are you from and how old are you? im from stl and i am 23.
    7. tROCKS24
      I am now a Senior, I go to the University of Missouri St. Louis. My major is Liberal Studies so my minors are: Sociology and Media Studies. My name is Tempe. I have two French names too- my 1st. and middle name. :awesome: Oh, I'm not French btw :lol: I love Asian music pop and rock. I even speak Korean, Japanese and Chinese-I'm in the process of learning for about a year now. I can't choose 1 to study. :)
    8. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Hey there ! How's it going ?
    9. tROCKS24
      I'm good, thanks! i was at school too --umsl doing some homework and going to two classes two days a week. I'm a senior now expected to graduate next winter :) what level of school are you in?
    10. tROCKS24
      hey--how are you :) whats up?
    11. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      That's amazing , Good to hear from you. Wow, What concert?
      I'm feeling so sad and frustrated that i couldn't prepare and get the tickets to go Nagoya.. ughhh. Take care.
    12. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Hey! How have you been?
    13. Arlene
      Haha! Yeah, we hang out very often! If we have other things going on during the week, we always at LEAST have a scheduled date night every Wednesday, where each week we alternate and decide what to do! It's a lot of fun. But we usually hang out after work on Friday/Saturday nights and I spend the night, so we see quite a bit of each other!

      And wow yeah I bet about the culture shock! Probably such a huge difference between the US and there. But I'm glad you enjoying yourself and are learning to not take simple things for granted! Haha.

      And hey that's great that you know how to do so many things at the restaurant. It's great experience to have, you can always get a quick job working for a restaurant if you need some spare money. Maybe start your own business some day, too!
    14. Arlene
      Your mother's restaurant looks awesome! What do you do there?
      And ah man...I would love to visit China. I can only imagine all the walking and sight-seeing you were doing. :) It must have been an amazing experience.

      I met Temar at Ruby Tuesday...he works there part-time on the weekends for some extra cash. And yeah, he definitely fits my bill! And err, I don't know about the pier-restaurant relationship, haha, but I know it's not a huge restaurant chain. It's just simple American dining, kind of like an Applebee's.

      I've never heard of a public 4-year uni. Sounds cool! And congratulations! I'm sure you'll do great!
    15. Arlene
      Ah man there is a tropical storm Arlene! The first named Atlantic one of the season! They had one a few years back too...I remember getting made fun of at school for it, HAHA!

      As for the four-year university, good for you!! Where are you going? And where are you working, again?
      And you went to China?? How was that?

      As for me, I'm doing great! Working as a server at Ruby Tuesday, enjoying summer! Found myself a great guy who I think is actually a keeper this time...he's a little bit older, more mature, has his life together and things are great :). But not too much going on! Kind of excited for school to start back up, haha
    16. Arlene
      Wow! I guess I've been away for too long, as this is the first time I've logged in since you left me a message!

      How is everything??
    17. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Thanks so much .The Same to You
      No , i was aweomse finally this forgetting was for the events...Too awesome that universities will have another week holiday
      YUP! Best Of The best wishes to you too .
    18. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Oh ,yeah sorry for 'forgetting' :P
      Egypt is doing good now buddy and my holiday wass.. crappy... is it bad tp say that here ???
      And next week univ. is back.. those 2 weeks sucked.. but exams were cool ...
    19. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      I'm not Chinese , I'm Egyptian!!! :D
      It's ok it's ok ... Hope you're enjoying your time..Ok ,go that 1 !!!
      I forgot You're in college now , right? Wish you luck
    20. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Yohoo.. I remember You're in the US .. So have you been to any LP concert or going any one ??
      Hope you're enjoying your time .. Cya!
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