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Jan 8, 2018
Nov 9, 2004
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It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire., from "Awesometown" California.

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Jan 8, 2018
    1. TheRockChick
      It's really cool that you've got such a nice way in letting it all out.

      I wish I could say yes, but as I told you, I'm really not into that kinda stuff. I simply just don't get it. :lol:
    2. TheRockChick
      That's really awesome. I've never written anything like that before. I just don't get the whole poem/lyrics writing thingy, you know? I do write my diary everyday, though. :lol:

      You should finish the book, it's really good. Well, I think it is, anyway.
    3. TheRockChick
      Hahaha, let's just stick to dorkface for now. :P

      I don't really like sharing my feelings and all that crap with people that much. :lol: But thanks again for the offer. ^^

      Page 8 ?? I thought you've already read the book? :mellow:
    4. vasiab
      Yeap!! I feel excited! Woohooooooo! X-D
      How are you???
    5. TheRockChick
      Lol, awwwww, you're such a sweet person, man. Thanks. I'll try my best not to, though. :P

      So, yeah I'm in chapter 13 now. I'm loving that book more and more by the minute. It's awesome.

      Good morning to you, by the time you read this. ^^

      So, dorkface, ha? Nice. :D Right back at ya! =P
    6. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      pale jello? what's jello?
    7. Gloomy Mushroom
    8. Penny
      Ummm... My sleep was good!!!!!!!! :P I slept for 11 hours. :lol:
      How was your day?
    9. TheRockChick
      Lol. Well, 2-3 times is better than non!

      So, yeah all my friends start feeling better after talking to me (that's probably why they do it in the first place), it's just that when I'm talking to them I can't really find the right things to say, and when I do I'm going like (bleh, seriously? what am I saying?) in my head. But it seems to work pretty well, so it's all good. :lol: lol.

      I'm going to bed now. Will read till I fall asleep. Oh oh, I now know who Jacob is, btw. :D

      Night, dork. :P
    10. TheRockChick
      Hahahaha. I don't even know why I was complaining. It's usually the other way around, people tend to complain to me most of the time and I wish I knew why. I, as I always say, suck at giving advice and making people feel better. :rolleyes:

      So what, are you saying that you've never seen snow before? O.o

      We're both dorks, deal? :lol:
    11. TheRockChick
      YOU dork. :P

      Well, rain is nice and all, as long as I'm inside. It's also nice to have rain every now and then but when it's every freaking day, it's not that cool, really. So, yeah. It's supposed to be snowing tomorrow, which is a whole lot better than rain, yet not as good as dry weather.

      I complain alot, don't I? :lol:
    12. TheRockChick
      Lol. You?? Shy?? That I can't quite picture. :P

      Not bad, I guess. Today's weather was awful. I hate wet weather. :disgust: It messes up my hair and all, ugh. Lol, okay this is not really how it might've sounded like.
    13. TheRockChick
      Hey! Only I get to call me that. :angry: lol

      Lame projects FTL. =[ Good luck. ^_^
    14. Penny
      a lil bit of both. i stayed up til late and i decided to make it look like eye-shadows. xD
    15. TheRockChick
      Lol, yeah I'm working on it. :D

      Cool, now chill out and enjoy your dinner. ^_^
    16. TheRockChick
      Awwww =[

      Yeah, tell me about it! I wanna finish my book before Friday so I get to go to the premiere, but I'm too damn busy.
    17. TheRockChick
      Me too!!!

      Good luck with your work! =]
    18. Penny
      Robert!!!! :hug:
    19. aki*lp
      Been busy :(
    20. TheRockChick

      Get some sleep, don't be like me. :lol:
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