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Nov 9, 2004
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It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire., from "Awesometown" California.

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Jan 8, 2018
    1. Sparkling Delight
      Sparkling Delight
      Hiii! I sent you a message, did you read it? Hope you can soon, have a good day! :)
    2. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      HEY ROB!!! Oh My GOD! There has been a time I forgot I even go here :D !!! GOD! been busy too with life and college .. exams now..
      How is university going ?
      Sure I have facebook! :D Check messages :D
    3. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Where are you ? :D Seriously all this time not knowing anything about You.
      Take care and have fun .
    4. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Just thought of dropping by and say ''Hellooo Rob'' and Belated Happy New Year hope 2013 will be a good year for You .
    5. Darcy
      Same old shit. I come on here once a year just to see if it still exists.
    6. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      It's been so long, like freaking long since you wrote me , and hardly when i come here those days, not keeping much with the news because depressed I'm unable to see LP live.
      So... Hope school gone good recently ,What are You studying by the way? Oh, just show me where the posts are ha. 5 days aren't enough but I wish You've done the best . I did great with my exams and in my new college ''that is outside the university but related to it'' and i've done much better than i used to be in the university and so happy but sad I could have been graduated this year but still in the second year but at least i'm happy. Thank and wish You the best as well :)
    7. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      Wow! It's almost a year and knowing nothing about You ! However hope you still remember me Take care and have a good time .
    8. tROCKS24
      Ni hao! Robert! i've been creative with coffee and milk drinks and water drinks lately!! like today, i had a milk coffee drink. soussee mocha with light on hazelnut mix with coffee mate mocha milk creamer! then, to top it off, i just had some ice in it to cool it! that tasted good! there is no word to call it too! those mixes are from cafe' - they are like in a small rectangular jar that you can buy at the grocery store. Then, wah, la! you just coined a new drink for your coffee drink-hang out area store!! Later, I can give you some more idea about making new drinks! Oh, the ice can be free too. just have someone ask if they like ice in their drink. Have out sugar just in case. really, i haven't been putting any sugar in my coffee drinks anymore. It's tastey!! Have you thought of a name for your store yet?? You would probably have to start planning ideas and find some where to save your ideas, so you won't have much to do later on!! Glad to help!!
    9. tROCKS24
      hi :) for windows live, how do you send IM? could it also be my settings? idk how to send you IM. hehe
      is Cantanese traditional Chinese? and is Jay Shou traditional or Cantanese? he sings: Huo Yuan Chia, Mi Hun Qun (my two fav. songs from him so far)! i think to spell the word traditional is tradisonal? thats how far i've got with the translations when i was in his Biography section on his website-the one that have the translations to Mi Hun Qun, newest song from newest album :awesome:

      don't forget to vote for the LPA awards! due on 1-31-2011!
    10. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      OH GOD! I haven't came here in a very long time ! I'm having exams at the moment and it's finally going well, looks like i had just to change my college :awesome: . Hope you're having good time with homework.... It's just left the university and went to another . Tell me You, what's new ? Have a good time :)
    11. tROCKS24
      I am working on song editing now :) what r u thinking about naming the internet cafe? Sounds cool! & I had no clue to do friend invites on windows live hehe :) I accepted u. So what other things u can do with windows live with friend acceptances? :)
    12. tROCKS24
      yes correct of the song name and album! i have 5 strings. plus i was jamming with it and i am surprised it lasted so long! ha i have it on my lap now. Sometimes i pin it to my wall in my room. :) It's so valuable-i can use it for more school projects/presentations-in media stds. We'll see. Although, just thinking about it again, i may of had drew the tabs (the things where you can adjust the guitar tone at the end of the guitar) backwards. hehe
    13. tROCKS24
      i know, it's without the accents: yi zhi zai jian ding, zai duo leng jing, zai duo ren xing, ni ye wu fa qu di kang, wo suo dan de, re qing, gen zhe jie zou, wen rou, gen zhe wo, rang xuan, lu zi you bian de you huo, ai shang, she zhong, sheng huo :awesome:

      one unique key on how i learn esp.Chinese: the pronounciations of the vowel sounds--> e=oh, o=oh, ou=oo as in zoo such as zou, you=yo, yi=ee such as ying--> eeng, x (not a vowel sound)=sh such as xing=shing.
      yo is tricky: [yo=(ee-oh!)] as in yong. The dash in ee-oh! mean that it's in two English syllables. ee ong.

      I thought of this way to learn all by myself and i learn faster rather than slower this way. So far, i know two Chinese symbols: ha ha and Oh!! :lol: i used to get mixed up with ha ha and yes yes. hehe
    14. tROCKS24
      POP Quiz!!! i know you know alternative rock esp. in the early 2000's. okay, based on the picture below, from Static-X, what song did this inspired picture came from, from one of Static-X's music videos? One other clue is that that album is fully black with a green circle in the middle. you may ask others and look on Youtube + Google. :) You have to look at the outgoing items in that picture. The items can be anything. happy hunting!!
    15. tROCKS24
      OMG! that Long Island tea was actually my first drink alcohol i tasted. however, i really wanted to put sugar in it to make it taste sweet. I thought that seriously! Then i realized, i was in a bar. Bar's don't normally don't have sugar!! :lol: My second drink was one with coke and vodka and something else... Then my third was the Strawburst drink. The natural sweet tasting one. I had two of them. i was 22 at the time in the Fall. hehe
    16. tROCKS24
      Oh, one day, i had two music presentations: Dave Brubeck and Wyane Static from Static X. I just had my hair standing up tall. My hair was quite long at the time. I had to use limited access of 3 hairspray's. I thought: while my hair is standing up tall in the morning, i mise well take the picture photo of it now at that time. Of course by the time it was about 2pm, my hair fell. i was sad. This was when i made a guitar out of construction-like paper, markers and tape. Actually, I have this picture in my profile picture area's.


      Don't forget, if you want to send me your photo of you wearing a Linkin Park t-shirt, you can still do that! my email is: [email protected]
      t(dot)ceggb@live(dot)com so when can you send in the picture? :) you can send it before Jan. 11.

      and thank you!!
    17. tROCKS24
      What's been cracken smacken? :lol: how have you been and how is your winter break going?
    18. tROCKS24
      oh it's fine. there was one bad experience with me drinking as a first timer: umkc fall 2010, i went out with a guy friend, who's into guy's. i had 3 types of drinks. 2 of them tasted so bitter. I had a strawburst shot drink twice because it was a good tasting drink. it had sugar in it. i hope you had fun over thanksgiving break! There was more to the experience tho.
    19. tROCKS24
      Lincoln U, Drury U, Merryville U, UMKC, and now UMSL was all of the schools that i got accepted in all throughout my college life since Fall 2006. The ACT's exam was horrible with a score of 10 tops with two attemps. It was so bad. so as a decision, there was the two community college's i went to-i graduated in 2008. I had tons of credit hours since i went to community college for 3 years. I had one year of pre-classes to take that didnt require points towards gpa. Then went to UMKC and now UMSL. So, did you got accepted in other schools? Happy that finals are almost here with great studying time? :P
    20. tROCKS24
      so psychology major :) have you learned about norm violations? i'm sure you have with taking General Psychology. Norm violations was my favorite part. It was a partner work activity and i walked into two classes with extreme interruption and sang outloud. I was a bad singer then. haha of course i had to get both of the professors permission to do this fun activity. Then we had to write out a reflection. We both got an A% on it. I interrupted a music class and an english class. What was cool was that in the english class, the professor asked his students what they thought of the whole thing. They responded, but they wasn't aware what was going on. That was cool and funny. The result thing was that at first, probably from the tests we had, i was making an F%. I did some extra credit and as you can tell, i got into the assignments. I walked out with an A%. I was like whew! :lol: have you had any fun and or unique college experiences?
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