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May 16, 2022
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Suffocating in the mess

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May 16, 2022
    1. Melis
      No, it's okay. I don't have a problem with telling you.
      Well, the only really big problem I have is my mother...She is so annoying me. I know I'm not an adult but I am 14 and I think I can do lots of things on my own! She doesn't let me do whatever I want to....Yesterday we discussed because I was 5 minutes too late. It was just 7pm. We argue almost everyday now. That is so horrible. I don't want to live at home...respectively not with my mother. I don't know what to do now. Yesterday I ran away from home and came back at 10 pm. I can't take that anymore....
    2. Melis
      Yes, I do. I had a PS3 but my mom thought I'm obsessed so she gave it away...Now I only play with the Nintendo DS, Gamboy and when I am at my uncle's house the PS3 :lol:

      So you really want to know what happened?
    3. Melis
      Ahh I see..well I play pretty much video games if I'm honest :lol: but it isn't that bad because my grades don't get worse, so everything's fine haha.
      Though, I don't play more than
      4-5 hours a day 'cause otherwise I'll get a headache.
      And you have good plans for the future (: I hope everything will be like that!
    4. Melis
      I know, you don't have to say it, I know...
      Sounds pretty good!
      Do you often play games?
    5. Melis
      Hahaha that's weird. But I often dream about the guys and their lifes xD

      What is it about?
    6. Melis
      There are too many shows/movies called Avatar!
      That is awesome! You could go shopping everyday! That's a dream for me haha. That doesn't work without lots of money, though. I really need more money but my parents don't understand this. I wish I was rich :lol:

      Hahaha, I have to tell you now. Last night I had a dream. First I dreamed of Chester of course ( :kappa: ). But then suddenly, I dreamed of the LPA..I mean the guys here. I dreamed that we all met at a place...I don't know where it was anymore though. :lol: We visited a concert of LP hahaha. Then abruptly I saw you in the kitchen eating that pie xD Whilr you were eating that your gf came into kitchen. She had long curly brown hair and green eyes (Wow, these eyes were epic!) She yelled to you. Very much. Then the dream was over. That was freaking weird! I laughed as I woke up though. Ohh god..I'm babbling to much.

      Which game did you play?
    7. Melis
      Hahaha, I haven't watch none of them. I watched another movie xD Just 'The Last Airbander' you know that?
      And I just had autumn breaks, nothing special, so no, the school year started 4 months ago. The shops are open in America on Sundays?? Here is a day off once a week and this is every Sunday. That isn't in the big cities like Berlin or Munich though.
      And homework are important here, not so much though. Additionally I don't care so much because I normally write good tests haha. Also, I am good in the lessons (I often say something).

      So you ate the pumkin pie? What did your girlfriend do? Are you still alive? :lol:
    8. Melis
      My day was actually okay...but it was also kinda boring. It's a Sunday, so no shops open..I just tidied up my wardrobe and I was a little bit outside...on my own :foreveralone: school starts tomorrow :/ I think it'll be okay tomorrow because it's the first day. I haven't done my homework yet for tomorrow and I think I won't do them anymore because...I have no desire for that shit xD Btw, the movie was not as good as I thought. It wasn't an anime but with 'real' actors -.-

      I see what you are doing there! You are trying to change the subject! Now tell me, DO YOU KNOW IT??

      How is your day by the way? :)
    9. Melis
      DO YOU KNOW? Has Zak told you??
    10. Melis
      Melis you know it what that means?
    11. Melis
      Ahhhh okay, Will. I'll keep it in my memories :( I think I'll never be happy again...
    12. Melis
      You are leaving me because video games?? :cry:
    13. Melis
    14. Melis
      Oh damn! Actually I was here the entire time, Will. I was on my laptop and then I suddenly asleep :facepalm:
    15. Melis
      Look at the shoutbox. He said 'Yes'. HE WILL CHANGE MY NAME :P
    16. Melis
      I will beg Joe (or Derek) that he changes my name :/
    17. Melis
      Yes because of that
    18. Melis
      Do you want to know why?
    19. Melis
      And I think I won't join you in the Skype chat
    20. Melis
      I really like my's just I see them too often....and I would rather watch goosebumps with you if I am honest :lol:
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