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Feb 22, 2023
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Suffocating in the mess

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Feb 22, 2023
    1. Jesse
      I thought it was sad for a few reasons (regressing) but mostly happy. I enjoyed it and can't wait for the special and OVA.
    2. Melis
    3. Melis
      I know, I was just kidding ;)
    4. Melis
      Hahaha YOU PEDOBEAR! :kappa:
    5. Melis
      I AM CUTE! :samuel:
    6. Melis
      Cute drawings? Then I should draw myself :kappa:
    7. Melis
      I'll do it when I have the time for that... My holidays begins on Thursday so I think I'll do it then. And no, I won't write any poems, I can't do that haha :lol:
    8. Melis
      I noticed... but I think I still want to add something... We'll see.
    9. Melis
      Oh that thread looks awesome. I'm not sure if I can do it in 20 minutes though :/
    10. Jesse
      You should watch Robotic;Notes. I think it's pretty great so far, definitely not the typical Meccha anime. In fact it's like all the other anime I've been watching lately. A couple of recluses in a school club trying to achieve the impossible. In fact, I'll go as far as to call this a Slice of Life centered around building a robot with glimpses of a a deeper plot.
    11. Jesse
      Everything you just said, I agree with it. :lol: I was actually really hesitant to watch this anime at first but the first episode surprised me at how good it was and the series has continued to surprise me by throwing curveballs where I wasn't expecting them. Hopefully than can maintain her silly personality with a new found maturity, or maybe it's all a farce. With this series I find it hard to tell.
    12. Jesse
      Me too, on one hand I want her to be really wacky and on the other I yearn for strong character development, I am so conflicted! And I told you about Dekomori Sanae. xD
    13. Jesse
      It was so awesome, maybe Rikka is finally ready for some change. (though my previous anime watching has taught me to doubt it. xD)
    14. Melis
      Ohhhh okay, got it. Thank you for telling me that :)

      Yeah I think museums are there just because of that reason :lol:
    15. Melis
      Then try to explain it that I can understand it!
      That sounds really interesting! I want to visit that museum too!
      I see...
    16. Melis
      Why was that funny? xD
      And my family isn't interested in such trips as well -.-
      Why do you think it's different from ours?
    17. Melis
      No I'm not haha. I knew it but I associate Christmas with Christianity, don't ask me why, I don't know why. :lol:
      Well, I'm not very interested in museums so I don't really know. There are many museums. We were at a museum for Germany's history of the last 100 years or so.. It was actually pretty interesting :)
    18. Melis
      Well I'm not a Christ. So that's obvious why I don't celebrate it.
      Yes I bought pullovers which are pretty cool & comfortable. That made my day. :kappa:
      You know I was in that museum, right? After that I was in the mall. And then I was allowed to sleep at my friend's house. That was awesome! Haha :lol:
    19. Melis
      Ohh yeah, it's Christmas soon! We don't celebrate it unfortunately...
      Oh Will, I had such a great day yesterday, it was the best day after at least 4 months...:wub:
    20. Melis
      Oh, yeah, it's Thanksgiving there. How was your meal? Did you have fun?
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