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Suffocating in the mess

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Feb 22, 2023
    1. Melis
      Hmmm, the women in the first link you posted are very pretty but in my opinion they are a little bit too thick. And the woman in the second link...that is disgusting for me. It is too thin!!
      And yeah, please show them me! :)
    2. Melis
      Okay, you are right. They are lots of women (men) who are really really atrractive altough they are not thin. But I don't know. I don't like it when somebody is too thick. I know it is stupif of me, but I really like thin people...for example this:
      You can't say that this is not know :lol: And I want this too but...I love eating and thus I cannot manage that so good, but I created a fitness plan haha. That is not so exhausting nevertheless it is useful :lol:
      And what kind of art do you do?
    3. Melis
      Hey, you don't have to apologize, I was the one who didn't know what IRL means :)

      And IMO it is actually better to find your love on the Internet because...I don't know. For example I am very shy to people I don't know. And here (you see I think) I can speak with you guys 'normaly'.

      And I heard, there in the US are very much people 'fat', right? I read in the news that the major of NY has prohibitted the big sweet drinks in theaters, etc. Is that a big problem there?

      And I want to do some art but I can't. Really I can't find the time for it. I have to go to school and when I got home, I have to do my homework. After that I don't have any time left for it. It is very sad but I am too busy :/
    4. Melis
      I can understand this. People are prejudiced against those relationship, but believe me, I am not. IMO it doesn't matter where you find your love, the important thing is, you love the person.
      Sorry, but what is IRL? (I know I am stupid haha) :lol:
      And I don't think that I am getting a good one, because I AM NOT PRETTY! Really my face is full of pimples and I am fat. Well..always when I say this to my friends they are just facepalming to me, but I really think so.
      And I also love art (and doing it) But in the last time I haven't got any time for it because of school. I am too busy :/
    5. Melis
      You make art? That's very cool! Well, don't feel sad. You will get a job, I believe in you ;) And I don't think your life is a least you have got a girlfriend. Not like me...I am forever alone :foreveralone:
      But I didn't expect that because you said you don't like that 'social' life. Do you remember?
    6. Melis
      Hahaha I knew :kappa:

      Sooooo...How's job hunting?
    7. Tim
      It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. :head:
    8. Melis
      That is good! And you wanna know something? That is number FOUR!!
    9. Tim
    10. Liz
      Now you have two ;D
    11. Melis
      Hey Will!
      How are you? :)
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