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Feb 22, 2023
    1. Melis
      I do. And you have got family there? That's pretty awesome!
    2. Melis
      I know Beverly Hills! :facepalm:
    3. Melis
      Beverly Hills? HAHAHAHA :rofl:
    4. Melis
      So what kind of movies do you want to make?

      And yeah, when we both are rich I will come to California. Then we both a villa in the same street :lol: What a dream haha
    5. Melis
      I meant you could start with making an anime, but that was a joke.
      ohh you are boring! You should emigrate in a completely different country, then you see other cultures! You should go to Poland :kappa:
      And I am sure I will live there in California someday. I don't think that I'll be studying there but I hope I'll get a good job. I'll live there for a few years and then I will go to another country/city. I hope I will have the money for that haha. Lots of people have sooo big dreams and they are speaking of that every time. But mostly they aren't content with their life. I hope I won't belong to them. I'll work hard for my dreams. And...I MUST be rich when I am older :lol:
    6. Melis
      I actually considered to study in the US but I just changed my opinion :lol:
      Filmmaking is great! It's interesting and cool! You could begin with amines :P
      And you should live in Spain! Your ancestors are from there! Additionally you don't have to learn another language haha. And thank you! I want to be on California now! You explained it great! CALIFORNIA?! I AM COMING! ...(in at least 8 years :lol:)
    7. Melis
      Yeah, let's devise a way to life on the Mars haha
      And Spain is not Germany :lol: It's just many Germans visit Spain in summer. I have never been to Spain but I know that haha
      I hate people who are prejudiced against people who don't have a job. Or when they are prejudiced against people who don't have so many money. It's not fair. Mostly they are still very cool! That really sucks.
      Didn't you study at an university? If no, you are still young, Will. You still can do that. What was your dream job? I think you would love to be somebody you really want to be, don't you?
      Are there in America tuition fees?
      Germany is just boring. Of course they are some great places but it is all so....German xD Why Germany when there are soooo many other countries like Spain, California, etc?
    8. Jesse
    9. Melis
      Well in Germany it is called 'Scharfes S'
      We are to smart for that world, Will. :kappa:
      Yeah, I also want to visit Barcelona. It is famous that is why. Actually Spain is Germany. In summer there are soooooooo many Germans...especially on Mallorca. Did you know that?
      I would love to make that! Germany sucks! I don't understad why you like it..
    10. Melis
      Haha I know, I first didn't understand what you meant with 'B thing' :lol: but I think it is just a German letter.
      Same here. They do like they know German and write just u. I hate that too!
      Have you been in Spain? I make plans to visit Spain. I hope someday I will get to there.
      I would like to add something to my previous post: GERMAN IS DEFINATELY BORING. That's it :)
    11. Melis
      No, a 'ss' doesn't make a 'ß', it is something different :lol:

      And I am interested in all countries, I just like 'English' countries. Spain or Italy is great. I also want to visit Bangladesh, etc.
    12. Melis
      So your parents are living in MN, and you don't want to move there again?
      I guess you would pronounce it well but it's: 'Ich heiße Will' :lol:

      We are already finished with L.A. It was a boring topic :kappa:
      No, actually it was the most interesting one AFTER London. So you can believe me that I am interested in the English language, also in countries where the state language is English. My big dream is to emigrate to London, NY, etc after I went to the university. :wub:
    13. Jesse
      Yep. Partying with




    14. Jesse
      I'm an atheist. I have no soul.

    15. Jesse

    16. Jesse

    17. Jesse
    18. Melis
      If I emigrated to the US I would go to Minnesota or California. I would love to go to MN because of the landscape, but like I said, I like different cultures, so I would rather go to California. And thank you, I will ask you if I have question.
      And yes, in Latin they are talking about history. I am interested in history, actually I love history :D
      Just keep speaking it sometimes then I think you'll remember it always..
      Well, we talk about where it is, what you can do there...actually nothing new for me :lol:
    19. Jesse
    20. Jesse

      NO... WE CAN'T!
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