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Feb 22, 2023
Jun 4, 2010
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Suffocating in the mess

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Feb 22, 2023
    1. Melis
      Yeahh! See, you'll get the job. I bet you'll get it haha xD
      It will be a great start in a new 'episode' of your life :lol:
    2. Melis
      Hmmm, you can PM me that if YOU want to. You don't must say it.

      And you'll get the job. And if you don't get the job then they don't deserve you ;) Will you call them again today?
    3. Melis
      Don't be sad. They certainly didn't ask anybody else. where is your son? :o
      Your gf will say the same. She will cheer you up, I think haha :lol:
      Don't think so negative! YOU WILL GET THE JOB!
    4. Melis
      No, you won't start it again.

      Ohh right. Your day has just begun right? :lol:
    5. Jesse
      You're not allowed to directly quote portal! :jesse:
    6. Melis
      Okay, not everything..YOU WILL STOP? :awesome:

      Today is a Sunday. Sundays are usually boring. Like today. I went out a little bit. And the rest of the day I was relaxing haha. What about you?
    7. Melis
      Nooooooo! There wasn't a clown in my room! Please stop that. Pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeeee :( I would do everything if you end that!
    8. Melis
      Actually a clown was in my room......

    9. Melis
      Yeah it will take time! That is why I wasn't in the shoutbox for an hour xDD
    10. Melis
      Hahah, maybe. We'll see xDD

      It was around page 100, I think :lol:

      EDIT: Of course I meant 1000 haha
    11. Melis
      Well I don't know if I am going to be an architect because she said it is hard to find a job as a architect..She said enigineers have a better chance..I'll see :)

      You wanna know something? I just read the archive when I was ILoveChazyChaz :lol: That was funny...And I noticed that I am better in English now haha. And I have to say something...You was also there in my first days here..I completely forgot you! I thought I met you first back then when I called you Bob xDD It happened so much since then....
    12. Melis
      Yes, I had it on Thursday...I was nervous as hell! I had the meeting at 2 o'clock and I was there at 13:40. I didn't know if I should go to her or not....So I waited 20 minutes in front of the door xD Then I was talking with her. She was pretty nice. She is an older woman but she is still hilarious. Her name was pretty funny. Her name is Giggi xD And I got the internship :awesome: She told me in lots of things about architecture and the study, etc. All the things consideres it was very good :)
    13. Melis
      No...I didn't mean this...I wanted to say that I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I think that is the right expression.
    14. Melis
      I guess it was a false vocabulary...Right?
    15. Melis
      Hmmm..better than nothing. I hope you'll get it. Touch wood!
    16. Melis
      Haha, did you apply again for another job?
    17. Melis
      Oh I am sorry. But I think someday youll get a job. There is no doubt! ;)
    18. Melis
      Yes, that's right. There isn't a job for YOU though. I think you won't work at a supermarket, right? Everybody has a dream of what he want to do. Our world is not fair :lol:
    19. Melis
      You don't know the history of Germany very well haha. I explain it to you. Soo around 1800 here started an industrial revolution. But they had so too many jobs and too little people (in Germany). So they got foreign workers from their country (mostly Poland and Turkey). The foreign workers lived then there because they had work and they needed the money of course. I think you can comprehend now, right?
    20. Melis
      Wow, that's pretty cool!
      Yeah, actually they live all here. Some of my family live in Turkey but they are closer.
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