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Jul 24, 2017
    1. TheRockChick
      Okay so, I checked with the library and the book you mentioned is available. Now, I wouldn't mind reading it, so if you want us to start off with it then I can see who here wants to join and who can or can't get hold of it. Then we see what happens.

      Or you can just suggest some really well-known-probably-available-everywhere books, haha.
    2. TheRockChick
      Hey there. Say, why don't you/we start a new Reading Group? I think a lot of people here might be interested. :)
    3. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Don't say that! After you've finished school you'll work and have a life of your own, you'll be able to buy a car and you'll get nice colleagues. Yes, yes. Don't be so negative babe <3 It'll cheer up eventually.

      I have to go as well, to sleep cause I work this weekend and monday and then...weekeeend, finally.

      But you know, if you want to talk just yell at me. :)
    4. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Aren't some of your classmates nice enough to hang out with now and then?
      Or maybe you're not such a social animal, like me, but I have max ofcourse..
      Mmm...well luckily you did good on your test <3 I hope you'll feel better soon though.
      When is fall break finished?

      You know, we'd be baking cookies if you were here or I'd be there.
    5. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I'm good! how bout you? :hug:
    6. Messy Marj
    7. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      An A!! *dances* :sorcerer:

      You genius <3
    8. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Thanks. :lol:

      Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll do just fine! SuperOmi to the rescue neuroscience! hehe. :)

      I'm in bed now, you have a good sleep as well. :hug:
    9. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      A bit better thanks. I'm going to bed soon though, I didn't have the best night. I had to sneeze like every minute but it wouldn't come! It went like this: 'haa...aaah...HAAAA' and then it died. Oh the frustration. :(
    10. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Don't say sorry you silly thing :lol:

      Good luck on those exams! You always have exams. :mellow:
    11. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Thank you.

      It was 16 september. :)
    12. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Jeez, your roommate sounds like a total ass. I'm sorry to hear that. :(

      I could be better. I'm ill, I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I have bronchitis so now I have to swallow, spray, inhale lots of medecins. I really hate that nose spray. -.-
      I tried to go to work yesterday but they send me home cause I was all fevery and shaky, at least the doctor gave me off until next thursday. Hopefully I'll feel better in the meantime, we still have to celebrate my birthday hehe
    13. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      How's my favorite Omi? :-D

      And are you used to your screaming roommate by now? :lol:
    14. Theazninvasion68
      :lol: was a rickroll, was rofl!
    15. Theazninvasion68
      Hello Omar!

      Your Profile picture is very sneaky sneaky.

    16. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Thanks! ^_^

      How are you?
    17. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Yeah...yeah I'll try. After I come back from Holland though, I'm leaving tomorrow morning lol.
    18. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Haha no. :lol:

      I'll be a receptioniste. I think I'm supposed to welcome the people and give them their key to their room and explain them about the hotel and such. I'm just a bit nervous cause I can get any kind, french, dutch, english etc.
    19. Messy Marj
    20. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I'm alrighty too. I'm going home friday untill the 16th which should be fun. Then I start work on the 4th of september which makes me feel all uncomfy hehe
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