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Jul 24, 2017
Jul 13, 2002
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Jul 24, 2017
    1. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj there?
    2. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Hahaha I've been scrolling through our conversation, makes me laugh alot :lol:
    3. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Congrats on your new job!! I'm happy for you ^_^ what kind of job is it? I remember you're interested in medical school! :D That's cool, I hope you'll make it.

      Talking about the boards, I know exactly how you feel, even now I feel like I can't keep up and it's been only 3 days since I'm 'back' lol..I wanna fit in but I hardly know anyone, they're all new! Oh well, maybe it'll come..

      I don't know if you already knew but I broke up with my ex 2 years ago, I now live with my boyfriend in an appartment we've bought in december, and since 2 months we have a kitty named Snoozie lol. I can't complain really, I don't have any future plans though, I take life as it comes, but I'd like to travel a little..when we've saved enough money ofcourse :P

      Have I ever seen a photo of you? If I did, I forgot how you look like lmao
    4. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I had left! For like 1 year and a half...I didn't feel like going on here anymore, what with all the dramas etc.. :P But derek convinced me to come back, he's trying to get the other 'old ones' as well, so yeah, why not? I'm quite enjoying myself actually hehe, especially now I'm working the nightshift! I'm still working at Disney yeah, it's the least it pays right :)
      And how are you?? What's up in your life?
    5. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Omar!!! I haven't spoken to you in AGES! How are you? :)
    6. Derek
      How about the new darker LPA, that approved for your eyes? ;).
    7. Derek
      Glitch with vBulletin. Fixed it foar you. lolz.
    8. Derek
      No problem. Glad you're still keeping in touch :). Hope all is well!
    9. tROCKS24
      happy birthday* :)
    10. Derek
      I feel honored hahaha.
    11. Derek
      Nothin really, just checkin on ya to make sure you don't disappear again haha. :D
    12. Mark
      Hahaha, hey Omar! And yes, I'm devastated. :P
    13. Andrea
      Where have you been?....
    14. Derek
      I wonder if I cry hard'll come back to me. :'(
    15. cstebila
      While I'm relatively newer here, I'm still wondering Where'd You Go?
    16. Rana LP Luvr
      Rana LP Luvr
      nice to meet you .where do you come from ??? :)
    17. Derek
    18. Derek
      Happy Birthday you disappearing person :P.
    19. Gloomy Mushroom
      Gloomy Mushroom
      Hi Omar. Can you change my username to "Sarah" please? Cheers.
    20. Derek
      Dude where'd you go? You disappeared.
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