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Mar 15, 1998 (Age: 24)
Going to school.

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when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory, 24, from Germany

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Mar 12, 2017
    1. Zane
      Well that's rare. It's not everyday that you find a Chinese person in Germany. But then again the times are changing and Chinese people are EVERYWHERE now a days. :lol: And what I say is about a lot of Asians but not all. There are some that are still attractive. It's more personality really than physical appearance.

      Good Night German Buddy! I'll talk to you again soon!
    2. Zane
      Yeah almost done with this cycle of my life.
      And I don't like most Oriental Asians (Chinese, Japanese, blah blah) because I truly do not find most of them attractive. And because they are all very awkward in relationships. And I say that last one from experience
    3. Zane
      I'm going to be in my last year of High School so 12th grade. I have to read 4 books and take notes. I procrastinate because that's what I've always done haha. It's how I work best.

      Cross Country is running long distances and not on a course but in parks on streets and stuff.

      It's weird how we don't like our own races. Like I don't want an Oriental Asian. They are annoying to me. hahaha
    4. Zane
      Not yet. Still researching a lot Melis. Haven't made any decisions yet. Won't know till next year really.

      Well, I've been procrastinating my summer homework and I'm doing lots of college research. Plus Cross Country begins soon.
      But I'd miss talking to you too if you weren't here.

      I was wayy to tired not to haha. It was 2 in the morning after a day of biking and running.

      It will Melis. Don't even say hope so. IT WILL COME AND SMACK YOU IN THE FACE
    5. Zane
      I can't Melis. I don't have time to go camping anymore. My next month is pretty busy since school starts again in less than a month.

      And yes we could actually meet! :awesome:

      Hahaha...I was seriously ready to fight. It was weird because I was still half asleep while all this is happening so my mind was still a bit dreamy. But I was still ready to fight somehow. Adrenaline rush I guess.

      Girlfriend or friend..all the same. At your age, it rarely makes an impact. Find the right boy instead of just trying to get a boy! Best decision possible Melis!
    6. Zane
      Yeah, you got me excited about camping ;) hahahahaha.

      If you ever come to Minnesota, then I hope I'm there when you do! haha

      And YEAH, they came while I was sleeping! It was soo weird waking up to it. My mom yelled from her tent first and I thought someone was robbing us. I was ready to jump out, chase someone down, and then kick butt!

      Sounds like you're jealous Melis haha. And I know you love her, you have her as your profile photo!
      And people always say I'm wise or mature. To me it just seems like every guy should act this way. But don't worry, boys get better as they get older.
    7. Zane
      City, I love it for the energy and people. The festivals and the activities. It's exciting. I miss that. People can live in the suburbs and then drive to work in the cities. In the US, a lot of people do that.

      HAHAHA, nice family love there hahahaha. I'm laughing a lot now ;). I'm not more nice than honest Melis :D
    8. Zane
      In the US, camping is usually in a state or national park where there's trees and lakes there. It's still not as private. Then there are the real legit camping grounds where you won't find anyone for days on. We have that called Boundary Waters in MN. Up north by Canadian border where there are lakes EVERYWHERE...even more than the rest of MN. Then we have something called portaging where you carry your canoe with you and camp. Then you canoe all day, find land and camp. Do that for a week. Includes fishing, swimming, camping, hiking. Haven't done that one myself but I plan to someday. And yeah, camping can be scary if you don't know how. Last time these 5 raccoon came up to our tent and scratched on it in the middle of the night haha. And it's really dark.
    9. Zane
      Then it looks like I'm doing my job right! :D! My goal is to make you jealous :kappa: hahaha. And the reality is far better than a description. Most of the things probably aren't even mentioned in the readings. If you ever came to Minnesota I'd definitely take you out camping. Literally spending the day outside :).

      And don't hate cities so much. I used to spend my life in the cities and I do miss it. They both have their benefits. I think living in the suburbs and working in the cities is the best combo.

      Awww, no problem German Buddy! In a year Melis, who knows where you'll be. Maybe even the "hottest boy catcher in the world"

      Correction: We say "it sounds so nice and peaceful"
    10. Zane
      Well you live in the city Melis! I live in a suburb so it's nice and peaceful. There really are parks, lakes, and trees everywhere. Here, when I go run, I will literally run through several cities and enjoy the scenery. Fresh air is great stuff and helps keep my relaxed when I need to.

      And I can only make judgement from what I see, and from that photo I declare you the better! And I'd love to see a recent photo of you! And if your cousin gets all the "hot guys" then it seems that you'd have good family genes. So don't downplay yourself so fast. And is your cousin your same age?
    11. Zane
      If you love nature, lakes, woods,trees, trees, trees, and flowers then you'll <3 MN. I <3 MN too. I love swimming at the beaches but I love boating more. Canoeing and kayaking with my friends is so much fun because the lakes are like oceans. Easily hours of fun.

      And you sure do look like twins from that photo. And don't tell your cousin but from that photo I'd say you're the prettier one. You've got some serious attitude there with those sunglasses ;) haha. And how can you say you're not in shape? You look great!
    12. Zane
      What are the chances of you seeing a Minnesota Documentary of all days :lol:. That's just like fate haha. Yup, we are the LAND 'O LAKES. I can see a lake from my house. I can walk for 6 mins and see two more. They're everywhere meaning BEACHES EVERYWHERE!

      And yup, Twin Cities. For the fact that we have to capital cities and the fact that we have A LOT OF TWINS born in Minnesota.

      And which one is your cousin? I can't tell haha. The one of the right? From this far you two look like twins
    13. Excelerate
      You're welcome :)...
    14. Zane
      You did? Hahaha...sounds like an interesting documentary :lol:. Where did you find it? And no, not exaggerated, but far more than 10,000 lakes. more around 30,000 probably. And new picture! Looks good! Though it is a bit small and hard to see your face.
    15. Anne
      :lol: Wie willst du mich denn sonst nennen?
      Danke, das ist ja echt lieb von dir <3
    16. Decay
      Why, thank you! :awesome:

      It took a lot of exercise though :kappa:
    17. Decay
      I know right? :awesome:
    18. Zane
      Yeah I've heard that before. My dad was away for a year and a half before. But I moved between several countries. That made it suck a lot more haha
    19. Zane
      It's something you appreciate but it's something that comes at a price. You miss a lot of things by moving so often.
    20. Zane
      I was born in a small town that has now become a big city. It is in inner mongolia. I've lived in a lot of different settings haha
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