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Apr 2, 2013
Apr 6, 2005
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Apr 2, 2013
    1. TheRockChick
      Insane? Who's insane? :whistling
    2. TheRockChick
      Yeah, you're right. It's not like it matters, or or I care about it or or or I can keep whining about how lazy you are till you give up and stop being so lazy! Or just stop talking to me! :lol:

      I really don't know what was that about by the way. :lol:
    3. TheRockChick
      Excuses excuses. *shakes head* :lol:
    4. TheRockChick
      That's the site I use to watch almost everything!

      And thanks, it makes me feel special to see how much you care and bother to explain things I don't know. :rolleyes:

    5. TheRockChick
      Yeah, he's my favorite aswell. ^^

      I don't download stuff, I just watch them online. It's way faster!

      ......... but no, I don't know how to use it. :paperbag: And I'm too proud to ask anyone, lol.
    6. TheRockChick
      Awww no, not Barney! :( lol

      I think the newest episode I've seen was from season three, but now I'm in season two again. (TV, :rolleyes:) Haha, I'm just watching it because it's on when I get back from school, so I watch it while I'm eating. :lol:
    7. TheRockChick
      Hahaha, yeah I can see that you do! :lol:

      I do watch it and I love it, though I'm currently watching it on TV, so no new episodes. I probably should start watching the new season. Ugh, if only I had a little more tiiiiiime. :disgust:

      You can tell me what happened. :D
    8. TheRockChick
      Haha, that's cool.

      You know, I've been wanting to start playing games again, but I don't know, nothing seems that interesting to me. Meh.

      Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?
    9. TheRockChick
      LMFAO, wtf? :lol:

      Guys. :rolleyes: Haha. But that does sound like fun, I must admit.
    10. TheRockChick
      What's Fallout3 ?? :mellow: (And don't say "it's a PC game"!) :lol:

      Well, at least you're not watching House. =P
    11. TheRockChick

      You can't tell me what to do! :lol:

      So, you only got 5 hours sleep? Hmmm, that must've been fun! What were you doing up this late anyway?
    12. TheRockChick
      You don't, why should I?

      Nothing specific. I just hung out, did some chores and, you know, stuff like that.

      What about you?
    13. TheRockChick
      I... don't believe you. :P

      I'm quite tired, been busy aaaaall day. But it's "internet time', so I'm not that tired anymore. =D Haha.
    14. TheRockChick
      Yes you do. You just don't want to tell me...

      Hey, you. =]
    15. TheRockChick
      And how exactly would you define "exciting"? :shifty: lol
    16. TheRockChick
      DUDE!!!!!!!! :lol:

      Are you serious? What exactly do you have to do to not be as bored?
    17. TheRockChick
      LOL, I won't even if I wanted to!

      Looks like you're having fun. Aaaaaand I won't bother you anymore. :lol:
    18. TheRockChick
      Not quite what I was looking for. -___-

      So, whatcha doing? :D "I'm lamely trying to open a conversation, if you can't tell, lol"
    19. TheRockChick
      You are always bored! And unlike you, I know how to have good time. :P

      But I'm out of fun things to do at the moment. v.v
    20. TheRockChick
      Johnny, I'm bored.
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