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Jul 13, 2002
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Oct 6, 1986 (Age: 36)
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Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

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Derek Administrator, 36, from Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

LPA Administrator
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Mar 23, 2023 at 12:49 PM
    1. ShinodaTwin
      Hi Derek, for some reason my Sent Items aren't showing. I was wondering if my message went through or not? Thanks.
    2. aryanblouria
      what is an administrator's job?
    3. jai kashyap
      jai kashyap
      Is there any something about the new track's video shoot?
    4. Decay
      Hey there! I'd like to ask some advice about making music (song structure, melodies etc.) but I don't really know where to make such a thread. I mean, it's about audio projects of mine but I'm not really posting something, catch my drift?

      Also, if you wanna ask to collab with someone (again, music), where would that go?

      I'd rather ask first where such threads belong (if you guys even allow such threads on the forums). I know how irritating it is when people go off-topic so yeah :p

      Anyways, thanks!
    5. BlackedOut
      hey, can you change my username to BlackedOut?
    6. Xero-
      Thanks for the welcome!
    7. [A.W.]
    8. Hybrid
    9. tROCKS24
      sorry about the delay.

      ty :) and no problem

      btw, school at umsl starts on Jan.17! who knows, i may do another one of those tests relative to music (media studies) and or this time: sociological tests (from sociology) hehe :awesome: i love to see what reactions i get from these tests haha :lol: i do remember doing the first two tests. Although, i don't remember what i wrote about. this is one of the reasons why i love school so much, even college!! and by looking at your profile picture, is that photo taken from your college?
    10. tROCKS24
      oh no, it's okay :) i know i don't make sense at times because i have trouble saying what i mean. i'm just slow. i was born with speech and language delayed disability. I even mumble by what others tell me, but i don't hear me mumble. & i have lack of understanding things that others do understand.

      i do read everything about three times before i click post, then after i post, i re-read it again like two more times at the most. :) i do that every time too.
    11. tROCKS24
      Happy Christmas!!! i finally got all music done and I'm doped! i think the word is stoked?! :lol:
    12. Decay
      About my mash-up, I used In The End, Crawling, Leave Out All The Rest, Numb and Papercut. Some sounds may not be as recognizable as others but all the sounds used are from these songs :D. I tell it here because I don't want to spoil the game I have going on for the song itself hehe. Anyways, hope you guys like it :)
    13. Anne
      err, nevermind, didn't mean to post here lol
    14. Topher
      Sup dude
    15. Classic Sonic
      Classic Sonic
      i dont know to which person i should go
      but i entered the mix up
      but i dont know if i have any limits
      is this mash up ok?
    16. tROCKS24
      can i still do the pictures too :) :awesome: im exoaited haha excited* and thank you very much* I'll say in the description about some LPA members have contributed. hai
    17. tROCKS24
      if decided its a yes, don't forget to wear your Linkin Park outfit :) :awesome: I will be wearing one too. Actually, the LP shirt is hanging up on my wall. oh, i have a back up Linkin Park shirt i can wear. One or the other :) this is fun*
    18. tROCKS24
      ok, 1 more question: is it okay for me to somehow have some pictures from LPA, may be from the forum--post your picture in the something that i've been planning? It'll be a LPA thing...representing haha :lol: or as a back up device, i can ask some LPA members to send their pictures to me by email, that'll be more quicker** how about you first. The something is still a mystery, but you'll find out and the others will too....eventually with no worries! oh my email address is: [email protected] t(dot)[email protected](dot)com the whole thing is a surprise btw for LPA.
    19. Star Scream
      Star Scream
      derek? i have a question about LPU............. 7 weeks ago i paid online for a membership for LPU, how long does it usually take for it to come
    20. tROCKS24
      Hi, I like to ask you something= You know that something I've been planning since June 2011? yesturday, I posted in shout box about that something hoping to get a drummer. Oh, I'm sending you too much info. about that something. Anywho, is it illegal to do something with LPA involeved even partially [it's kind of media, it's what i've been doing in my free time [a clue #1, keyboard and what to do to review playing it?]-Just so i don't get in trouble. It's nothing bad. I can't say too much about that something. :lol: clue #2: it deals with :rastamike: in a way. oh, its a toughy type of clue. haha. let me know ASAP :) thanks and have a great day*
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    Oct 6, 1986 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
    Music, Graphic arts, Lyrics, Video Games, Photography, Sports, Self Expression, Chatting Playing Vid


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