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  1. Aaditi Sharma
  2. survivingspirits
  3. Telekinetic Psychologist
    Telekinetic Psychologist
    I'm not spending as much time here as I should...
  4. Telekinetic Psychologist
    Telekinetic Psychologist
    I'm not spending enough time here as I should,.
  5. sunaina kaur
  6. Andrew_Jaku
    That's not very cash money of you.
  7. Jasmine
    Hey people's life is sweet... jokes it's not but Linkin Park is keeping me moving forward. :)
  8. JasmineLPFAN
    Hey guys it's a day away from halloween. What are you guys doing for the day?
  9. Sherry England
    Sherry England
    Bourdon is my King
  10. Deliveranze
    Skywalking To Serenity
  11. MarkzHenry
    Always Do Good
  12. AlvinHines
  13. Dekar
    Dekar Telekinetic Psychologist
    Hey, saw your message in the chat/shoutbox. No, you didn't say anything wrong, haha. Most people here seem to look/write there only now and then.
    What's the LP reference of your name again? I don't really get it. ^^
    1. Telekinetic Psychologist
      Telekinetic Psychologist
      Hello. Yeah, I know. It's just that the thing was flowing pretty well and then it just stopped. I wasn't sure what had happened, but at least it allowed me to escape. About the name, come on, it's High Voltage! I really liked it when I made my account, now I'm more of a demo guy.
      Aug 19, 2018
  14. Telekinetic Psychologist
    Telekinetic Psychologist
    Vacations are good, until you notice that no matter how many things you do, there'll be a bunch you didn't and will regret about by the end
  15. Anya_Barsukova
  16. Niklas
    I'm so sick of all these people But I'm scared to be alone
  17. myGuitarCoversHD
    myGuitarCoversHD Sasuke
    Hey mate, just listened to your extended version of Faint and it's so darn great that I would like to use it for one of my covers. Is there a way to make this happen? Do you have a version without the guitar solo so I might be able to improvise my own stuff over it?
  18. Arka Mitra
    Arka Mitra
    Hi Fellow Soldiers, This is your fellow mate from India. :) Delighted to be a part of this grand community. #MakeChesterProud
  19. Mkvx
    Five Star General
  20. Reflectionist